Boomerang Review The movie is a mini pack of entertainment and funny moments

The Malayalam film with drama comedy genre has hit the big screens. Boomerang cast Shine Tom Chacko, Samyuktha Menon. It has been released in more than 300+ screens worldwide.

Positive Points

  1. Fun plus intense moments of the story is the highlight.
  2. Shrewd role of Samyuktha Menon gathered applause from the viewers.
  3. Frames by Vishnu Narayanan have given a good visual treatment even with a bulk of indoor shots.
  4. Comedy timing of Chemban Vinod and Dain Davis works well.

Negative Points

  1. Slow pace and some scenes seem stuck at the same story point.

Final Rating

The film brings in fun and drama with some thrilling moments. Boomerang movie rating is 2.25 / 5.


Director: Manu Sudhakaran

Release Date: 3 February 2023

Language: Malayalam

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