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Bigg Boss Season 13, October 22nd: All you need to know

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The music turns on and housemates start dancing to the tune of Gulaabo song.

Today, girls can nominate men to eviction and also one among the girl can stay safe from elimination. It will be rose day and 3 buzzers will be rung. Who reaches to a girl within the first 2 buzzers, boy can decide which girl to give the rose to. The girl who got the rose has the power to nominate whom she would prefer.

The girl with the flower will be safe from eviction and she can paint black the picture of any of the boy whom they want to be nominated. The boy should reach the red box line around the big rose.

Paras, Asim, Dey and Shukla ran to the box and Asim crossed the line first but Paras came back fast and stood inside the box. So technically he becomes the person to own the rose. He hands it over to Mahira.

Mahira sprays black in Siddharth Shukla’s photo.

The second buzzer comes on and Siddharth Shukla is inside the box. He picks the rose and gives to Aarti. She sprays black on the photo of Paras.

At the third buzzer, Asim reaches the box and takes the flower. He hands it over to Aarti. She sprays Siddharth Dey.

A new set of people nominated are:

  • Siddharth Shukla
  • Siddharth Dey
  • Paras
  • Devoleena
  • Shefali
  • Shehnaz
  • Mahira

Now Shefali will interview 3 of the housemates as she does in news channels. She can choose them only if they are fake in what they are and what they show.

First Interview with Rashami:

Why do you say Shukla is a manipulator?

Rashami declines it. But yes “He never plays on the front foot, and always sends his teammates.”

Is it true that you said No Shukla then no Aarti?

No Its not the exact thing. Someone among male team members said the stuff, but I didn’t say a Yes or a No in it.

What are the things you have in mind for Shukla you bought out of the house?

Rashami says “Will tell only at the perfect time. I guess 10 minutes are now over. let’s know it later.”

Second Interview with Paras:

Why have you titled Sanskaari Playboy?

“Sanskaari boy is the name I have put for myself. I haven’t played from behind”

Do you a Play Boy during the first week in Friendship with Mahira and connection with Shehnaz?

“When I like someone and the person ignores my feeling, why should I bother.”

Why have you said Shukla is like a girl?

“I have never said something like that. Coming back to Mahira-Shehnaz, I have never planned to marry Shehnaz even if I have a feeling towards her.”

Third Interview with Devoleena:

People call you Bahu turned babe and some turned devil?

“In personal life, I am a babe and on-screen I am recognised as Bahu. In each task, I take myself into a different position”

It’s not clear who the real you is. So tell us are you that ill talked and abusive speaker as an individual?

“I talk openly to everyone and during an intense conversation, there can be abusive language. It has no connection with personal life.”

Checkout Full episode:


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