Weekend Ka war second part was telecasted on Monday night.Audience dances for the Bigg Boss Housemates. Salman says a few things about each contestant which is said by another housemate. The person whom they believe to have told this, deserves an ice spray.

Who Said About Whom Session:

Rashami starts the proceedings by choosing the ice spray bottle.

About Rashami “She always cries and thats her all-time main act”. She sprays Siddharth Shukla.

Again about Rashami someone said “I will teach her a lesson”. She sprays on Devoleena. But actually it was said by Shehnaz.

“Earlier Shehnaz was fine when she was with Rashami and Paras. When she moved with Siddharth problems started”. Rashami sprayed Asim but it was said by Devoleena n reality.

Rashami hands it over to Siddharth Shukla:

About Shukla “I will make him bleed through his ears”. He sprays Devoleena and it was correct.

“He listens secretly and interferes like women”. Siddharth Shukla sprays Paras but it was said by Siddharth Dey.

“If I start talking and opening up, this guy is gone”. Shukla correctly sprays Paras.

“He is becoming too much, I know who he really is” Siddharth correctly sprays Rashami.

“The person who dosent respect women, will keep doing things like this.” Siddharth sprays correctly on Rashami.

Now its the turn of Shehnaz:

“Siddharth and Shehnaz are the villains of the show.” She sprays Rashami but it was actually Dey.

“Inaugration of jail was perfect. Shehnaz was also manipulating.” She sprayed devoleena but was said by Paras.

Its the turn of Shefali:

“I will support Devoleena for the queen but no way in support for Shefali.” She correctly finds and sprays Aarti.

“If I say 4 lovely words, she will join our group.” She sprays Siddharth Shukla but it was Mahira.

This time its Aarti’s turn:

“If Siddharth Shukla is not there, then there is no Aarti.” She sprays Paras
but was actually said by Shefali.

“Stay away from Aarti, very much negative vibes are coming from her.” Aarti sprays Devoleena but it was Paras.

Paras gets the chance now:

“This guy will get a slap on the face.” He sprayed Shukla but it was Shehnaz.

“I told you that Paras will try to become the ideal boyfriend.” He sprays Asim but it was Siddharth Shukla

Its Asim’s turn now:

“He looks totally stupid.” Asim sprays Paras, but it was Devoleena.

Now, Abu Malik tries to guess:

“Abu Ji is not mentally prepared. he is dreaming.” Abu sprays Devoleena but it was Rashami.

Mouni Roy, Boman Irani and Raj Kumar Rao are the guests for the day. They are present to promote their movie ‘Made in China’. They interact with the audience and Boman Irani says “I’m a big fan of Shehnaz”.

It’s yet again time for a contest. Guys can pick any doll with a girl inmates name and put it in black colour water with reason. Whichever girl’s doll is left will win a power card.

Siddharth Dey picks the doll of Shehnaz. He showed scratch marks she made “She is my friend and she did this. I am worried about what fate will be that of her enemy.”

Siddharth Shukla picks Mahira. “She doesn’t have substance within. Keeps saying the same thing again and again.”

Asim picks Devoleena’s doll. “She talks too much from behind and never cares to cross any limits during a task.”

Paras chooses Aarti. “She is my friend but is too confused and seems manipulated. Keeps on talking nonsense.”

Abu Malik selects Rashami “During a task I stood by them, but she was confused. She became so angry and even said abusive lines.”

Shefali wins the Power Card. She can choose one person including her to free off house duties. Shehnaz is relieved from all the duties of the house.

Shukla in the shower room:

Now yet again its time for showers and Salman selects Shehnaz, Devoleena and Siddharth Shukla.

Who is the best player among Devoleena and Shehnaz? He picks Shehnaz and all agrees

Among the housemates who is the most arrogant? He picks himself and yet again all agrees.

In the house, who is the regular suffering person? Asim is picked but none agrees.

One who sheds crocodile tears? He picks Rashami. Only Asim supports the opinion.

Devoleena in the shower room:

In the house, who is the person who doesn’t take a stand? Siddharth Dey is picked, so none agrees.

Who is the lazy person to work in the house? She chooses Abu, but none agrees. Yet again shower.

Shehnaz in the shower room:

Who is the king of the house? She picks Shukla and majority disagrees. Showered.

The untrustworthy person in the house? She chooses Siddharth Dey but majority disagrees. Shower again.

Now its time for elimination. Paras is safe but another twist as said, not 2 will be evicted. Only one among Abu Malik or Siddharth Dey. Girls are given the chance to choose.

4 girls took the name of Abu

2 girls chose Siddharth Dey

So this week Abu malik is evicted. Everyone hugs Abu Malik and he bids goodbye.

Now Rashami and Shefali hugs and congratulates Siddharth Dey.

Bigg Boss Hindi 13 Contestants List and Elimination Details

Contestant NumberNameStatus
Contestant 1 Siddharth ShuklaNominated
Contestant 2 Siddharth DeyNominated
Contestant 3 Paras ChhabraNominated
Contestant 4 Abu Malik
Contestant 5 Riaz
Contestant 6 Mahira SharmaNominated
Contestant 7 Devoleena BhattacharjeeNominated
Contestant 8 Rashami Desai
Contestant 9 Shefali BaggaNominated
Contestant 10 Shehnaz Kaur GillNominated
Contestant 11 Dalljiet KaurEliminated
Contestant 12 Koena Mitra Eliminated
Contestant 13 Arti Singh

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