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Bigg Boss Season 13, October 19th Episode: All you need to know

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Bigg Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka war starts with Salman Khan. He sums up about the total drama happening in the house and focuses mainly on Siddharth Shukla, Paras and Rashami.

The last episode got too much heated when Siddharth Dey said abusive lines about Arti. Now, he repents and starves, when she walks in and says it will take time to forget but please do have some food.

Salman opens the talk with Devoleena asking whom would she like to prosecute as behaving badly to girls. She picks up Siddharth Dey. Reasons are “You are a good individual, but you don’t think before you say.”

Arti says about Siddharth Dey “We started with the task and tickled him but he said she knows how to entertain men.” Dey apologises on screen “I am sorry, very much.”

Salman asks to Rashami “When half of the house was against Dey, you were angry at Shukla. Why?” She said “He was the task supervisor. He kept on shouting and yelling at Paras and Dey and seems too biased.”

Siddharth Shukla says from the prosecution box “When Dey spoke all abusive things and even though unknowingly he said its ok to say this on national television.”

Rashami says “Siddharth Shukla calls girls gutter and even talks about Status and even says he has done great things for me.” Shukla denies the latter part but says he hasn’t spoken about status it was about the range of voice what we were both shouting at.

Paras is called up to the box and Salman questioned about what he said about Shukla and will unleash his secrets. He is given a call from Vivo caller of the week and he questions him.

Caller “Why do you play behind girls. You even mention to expose Shukla, why don’t you talk in front directly”?

Paras replies “First thing, I didn’t talk behind girls. Second, it’s their matter and I can’t directly take their shoes and start an argument with Shukla.”

Now its time for weekend Guests to enter. This time its Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Padnekar for the promotion of Saandh Ki Aankh.They are in for a game called ‘Saandh Ki Laath’.

Every contestant can choose a person who will sit on the shaking bull, but reason should be stated.

Mahira picks Siddharth Shukla and he survives from the fall.

Shefali picks Rashami and she also survives.

Arti chooses Arti due to the reason that “She is safe always and stays under a shadow. Needs to come out of it”. Arti too survives.

Shehnaz picks Paras and he also survives.

Devoleeena picks Abu malik, but he falls.

Asim picks Paras and he also survives.

Salman Khan sets another contest. Siddharth and paras are chosen and there is a block for every sin housemate can put in each one else’s kit. Winner will get a power card.

Shehnaz picks Paras “He is very unfair and supports others”

Shefali chooses Siddharth Shukla says “He talks very rudely, wish he will choose his words wisely next time.”

Arti picks Paras “He is rude, unfair and manipulator”

Devoleena picks Paras “Tell openly whatever you feel so that things get very clear.”

Asim chooses Paras “Doesn’t play a fair game”

Rashami picks Siddharth Shukla “He gets too much hyper when I talk to him”

Mahira puts the block in Shukla’s kit. “He is biased and totally against the opposite team”

Siddharth Dey chooses Shukla “I guess he is too angry”

Abu Malik puts the block in the kit of Paras “Shukla is my friend, Paras is my enemy. That is the only reason”

With just 4 sins or blocks Siddharth Shukla wins the power card.

A twist in the rule:

It was said that 1 boy and 1 girl will be evicted, now only men will be evicted this week. Mahira and Rashami are safe. Asim is also safe. Now 2 men will be evicted and 3 possibilities are Paras, Abu and Siddharth Dey.

Bigg Boss Hindi 13 Contestants List and Elimination Details

Contestant NumberNameStatus
Contestant 1 The most eligible bachelor- Siddharth Shukla
Contestant 2 The talented writer- Siddharth DeyNominated
Contestant 3 The Splitsvilla winner – Paras ChhabraNominated
Contestant 4 The intriguing singer – Abu MalikNominated
Contestant 5 The stunning model – Asim RiazNominated
Contestant 6 The stylish – Mahira Sharma
Contestant 7 The serial star – Devoleena Bhattacharjee
Contestant 8 The Dazzling – Rashami Desai
Contestant 9 Gorgeous News Anchor – Shefali Bagga
Contestant 10 Singer & Actress – Shehnaz Kaur GillNominated
Contestant 11 Dalljiet KaurEliminated
Contestant 12 Ever charming Koena Mitra Eliminated
Contestant 13 The stunning Arti Singh

Watch the full episode:


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