Day 20, 8 AM (Bigg Boss House): Its wake up call for everybody. Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz too wake up in jail room. Everyone except Shukla dances and enjoys the opening.

11.30 AM (Bigg Boss House): Shehnaz makes fun about the workout to Shefali and Siddharth Dey. Dey is doing Surya Namaskar. Shehnaz says “So that’s why your eyes are always heated up. From next time do, Moon namaskar.”

12.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Bigg Boss announces that the stay of Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz ends now. Both of them are screaming with happiness.

2.30 PM (Bigg Boss House): Paras reads out the contest for the men, who are nominated to escape the eviction.

Nominated Men: Paras, Siddharth, Abu and Siddharth Dey. Two men have the option to escape from nominations if they survive the task.

Team A: Paras and Siddharth Dey

Team B: Siddharth and Asim

In the garden area, there is a tiny wall with a hall. 1 member from each team will give hands through the hole. The one who leaves the had first will be the loser team.

3.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Both teams are planning to somehow make other team’s one player make mistakes. Siddharth Dey advises Abu and Asim to stand with whatever they perform but never to miss hands.

Arti starts by tickling Siddharth Dey with a feather. Shefali applies oil on the hands of Abu and Azim. The actions are getting intense and when Arti hurts Paras, accidentally his chair leg sits on her. She gets furious and tries to pluck his hairs.

As she is getting aggressive, Mahira gets in the way of Arti and stops her. Asim gets furious on seeing that, but Shukla can’t do anything as he is the supervisor. Bigg Boss announces to not do anything related to physical abuse.

4.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Shehnaz gets aggressive at Dey. Devoleena pours turmeric powder on the heads of Abu and Asim. While soap powder is put on the heads of paras and Dey.

4.45 PM (Bigg Boss House): Asim seems very uncomfortable and almost collapsed. He said, “Even if I am unconscious, don’t leave my hand”. Bigg Boss announces “Its good to have the power to withstand. But also make use of your thoughts.” Shefali and Asim say sorry to each other and its all part of the task.

5.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Arti gets angry and accuses Paras of using Shehnaz. She says “You have told me, that Shehnaz is just an option for you to reach Mahira. She is your destination.”


8.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Shukla gets in an argument with Siddharth dey. He says “To say offensive things about Atti Shukla was sick. If I get you out of Bigg Boss show, I will break your face.”

Shefali and Mahira also are against Dey’s statement but Shukla used their names as they enjoyed it. Yet again debate tarted and Arti says “My brother said, if someone talks nonsense, break their face. I will pay 2 crores fine.”

9.00 PM (Bigg Boss House): Rashmi and Devoleena talk about the issues and also mentions Siddharth Shukla. She finds both Shukla and Arti has too much aggression. Rashami Says “I know everything about Shukla from top to bottom. Haven’t said anything about it because this is a different space and nothing personal. But if he gets over on me, I will take on him.”

10.45 PM (Bigg Boss House): Bigg Boss announces “As said earlier, tasks were great, but it looks like it can be a problem if extended. So the total decision of eviction is left to the voters to decide. This task ends here.” Task participants hug each other and share happiness.

12.45 AM (Bigg Boss House): Rashami talks to Paras that, don’t reveal anything about actual problems of her and Shukla to anyone. Paras says “If this guy can’t control his aggression he needs to get out. If he will punch Dey, none will stop me from hitting Shukla.”

Bigg Boss Hindi 13 Contestants List and Elimination Details

Contestant NumberNameStatus
Contestant 1 The most eligible bachelor- Siddharth Shukla
Contestant 2 The talented writer- Siddharth DeyNominated
Contestant 3 The Splitsvilla winner – Paras ChhabraNominated
Contestant 4 The intriguing singer – Abu MalikNominated
Contestant 5 The stunning model – Asim RiazNominated
Contestant 6 The stylish – Mahira Sharma
Contestant 7 The serial star – Devoleena Bhattacharjee
Contestant 8 The Dazzling – Rashami Desai
Contestant 9 Gorgeous News Anchor – Shefali Bagga
Contestant 10 Singer & Actress – Shehnaz Kaur GillNominated
Contestant 11 Dalljiet KaurEliminated
Contestant 12 Ever charming Koena Mitra Eliminated
Contestant 13 The stunning Arti Singh

Watch the full episode below:

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