Bigg Boss 13 Episode 10

The Bigg Boss Episode 10 starts when Siddharth Shukla and Rashami is still angry with each other. The rift is getting bigger and bigger.

Day 13 9 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Light comes on at the house and others dance to the music. Asim and Paras get into an argument. Paras accuses Asim to be part of some group and choosing others to nominate.

9.45 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Asim talks to Rashami and shares the planning and groupism by Paras. Rashami inturns advice Asim that he isn’t taking his stand every time. During a game, maybe Asim acts in some others opinion. Rashami and Koena want him to be his boss.

10.15 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Devoleena and Arti talk to Siddharth Shukla about what’s going on between him and Rashami. He says “It’s my character to talk loud. She being not appreciated for her duties and efforts would have got hurt quickly.”

Asim shares to them that, they are accused to be a team by all including Paras and Koena.

10.45 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Shehnaz and Paras slowly are getting near to each other. He asks her “Why do you get angry with Mahira. You know that I like you and me and Mahira are friends.” They hug each other and hope this time problem is resolved.

11 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami becomes the mediator between Paras and Shehnaz. She says “Paras is always clear from the beginning. You made yourself a joke with all the fight and you’re hurting them.”

11.30 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Shehnaz says to Asim and Siddharth Shukla that, she is not going to trust Paras. She feels that Rashami wants her to join their team.

1.00 PM Noon (Bigg Boss House)

Paras along with Mahira talks to Rashami. He says “If there is any more argument with Siddharth Shukla, don’t give up. Just fight it out.”

6.30 PM Evening (Bigg Boss House)

Shefali gets a phone and yet another challenge for boys. The man who wins it will get 2 black rings removed and will be safe in the next nomination stage.

Here go the game rules of BB Fisheries:

There will be fishes in each man’s basket. Within the time given, they should keep transferring the fishes to the basket of another person. When the buzz rings and the least in his basket, he will win.

Girls to have the authority to make or break them. They are discussing which one is to be thrown out.

7.30 PM Evening (Bigg Boss House)

Girls and Boys plan what to do and who should survive. They get in talks as a group and decide, what is to be done when some other scenario happens. Shefali wants Siddharth Dey to survive and most of the others need Paras to survive.


8.00 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Game is about to begin. Girls come and drop the fishes in the box of boys. Mahira talks with Rashami and says how bad is Siddharth Shukla talking.

8.00 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Paras and Shehnaz get in talks about her jealousy. He says “If you leave the house in this mindset, I will never again talk to you.” Dalljiet said “Paras never said to put your named pot in the pool, but I was confused. I had mentioned that had Shehnaz’s name in mind.”

8.30 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Shehnaz is angry as she found Paras knew, she was about to be thrown by Dalljiet. She gets into argument with Koena and Koena says “From Day 1 you are being foolish.”

8.45 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami throws the fish and even the basket in Siddharth’s box. Devoleena scolds her “Don’t use these tasks to show your anger. You shouldn’t have thrown the basket in it.”


9.30 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Arti talks with Siddharth Shula about Rashami and Shehnaz. She said “You can get angry but remember what you say. It’s not about the past, but future days. Shehnaz is a kid and its fine to protect her. But when things are person to person it’s better, we don’t interfere.”

9.45 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Siddharth Shukla’s box has zero fishes and Asim has just 1 in the box. So Bigg Boss says to Devoleena (Queen) “Remove 2 black rings from Siddharth.”

10.45 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami and Arti talk about the issues, but the former is angry that why should a third person say it. “Siddharth has to talk to me and if there is a misunderstanding then we would clear it.”

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