Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 update Alasandra confesses her love to Sujo Mathew

Season 2 of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been very special from Day 1 with quickly changing dynamics and emotions within the house. From the start, the relationship between Alasandra and Sujo was seen with doubt. As part of a task, Sujo had earlier proposed her response was so subtle and amazing. Housemates have been poking them and claiming both of them to be in love, but they have been tagging it as friendship.

In a recent promo, they were seen talking together and opening up about the feelings. Alasandra Johnson said “I don’t know how it happened, but I know that’s the truth. I am not that person who is dying to be in love and it was easily possible at my place in Kochi.”

Sujo is continuously seen questioning about love and how did that happen quickly. He was also seen poking her by saying “Who knows, when will you fall in love for Pradeep. Observe him for few days and you may love him also.” For that, she replied “As you asked about Pradeep (Bigg boss housemate), I didn’t feel attached to him, but totally towards you. I loved all the small things you did for me and I love your company too.”

She also advised Sujo that, even if there is any small issue between us then come and talk. Rather than keeping quiet and increasing the gap between each other in the relation. Earlier Reshma Nair was also seen expressing her crush to Sujo and later shifted her focus to Pradeep. Let’s see, how the Sujo+ Sandra combination will work and will it be able to impress the audience.

Watch Alasandra Johnson and Sujo Mathew Proposal video:



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