Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Complete and Final List of Contestants

Bigg Boss is India’s most popular TV show. Bigg Boss Malayalam is coming back with the Second Season. Endemol digital media firm made it popular as an International show named “Big Brother”. The huge acceptance of the show in Hindi, allowed the makers to make the show in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam etc. Bigg Boss Malayalam was started in 2018 and was hosted by Super Star Mohanlal.

After 100 days of fun, sadness, excitement, controversy and fights, the first season of Bigg Boss Malayalam ended last year. Sabumon Abdusamad became the Bigg Boss winner and grabbed 50 Lakhs prize. Pearle Maaney became the runner-up and Shiyas Kareem became the second runner-up. Everyones favourite Srinish Aravind finished at the fourth position in Season 1 of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

The show will have 18 contestants. They stay at Bigg Boss House for 100 days. No contestant will be able to contact the outside world and know what is going on. Like previous year celebrities and common people will be the participants of Bigg Boss Season 2. All members will have to fight tough tasks to survive and ensure the house looks great. Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 will be aired from Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm, and Weekends at 9 pm on Asianet. The Mohanlal hosted show is coming with multiple specialties this season.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Launch date

After the success of Bigg Boss Malayalam first season, the makers have finally announced the launch date of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. The hit show will be aired on Asianet from January 5, 2020. Bigg Boss Season 1 winner Sabumon Abdusamad had expressed his thrill and excitement for the new season.

Disclaimer: This is a voting option to know, who is the Public’s Favorite. This poll is not the official poll of the show and is not related directly to it.

According to the Bigg Boss rules, one contestant will be removed from the house every week till the finale. The process depends on the online voting and person with the least votes will be removed. Contestants can confess to the Bigg Boss whom they want to be removed from the house. The online voting for Contestants has begun, and viewers can vote for their favourite contestants.

Vote your favorite contestant in the Hotstar App or Here are the details regarding how to vote. Watch a previous season of Bigg Boss 1 streaming on the Hotstar Official App.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 contestants list

No. Contestant NameContestant ProfessionStatus
1Rajini ChandyActress  (Oru Muthasshi Gadha)Eliminated
2Alina PadikkalActress (Bharya Serial)Nominated
3RJ Raghu (Raghu Subhash)Radio Jockey in Club FMNominated
4Arya Rohit (Arya Badai)Badai Bunglow actressNominated
5Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji)Actor, Mimicry artistNominated
6Veena NairSerial ActressEliminated
7Manju PathroseSerial ActressEliminated
8Pareekutty PerumbavoorActor, SingerEliminated
9Thesni KhanActressEliminated
10Rajith KumarScience ProfessorEliminated
11Pradeep ChandranActor (Karutha Muthu Serial)Eliminated
12Fukru (Krishnajeev TR)Tiktok StarSafe
13Reshma NairModel, Diamond ExpertEliminated
14SomadasanAsianet Star Singer ContestantEliminated (health issue)
15Alasandra JohnsonAirhostess, ModelSafe
16Suresh KrishnanDirectorEliminated
17Sujo Mathew Actor,ModelNominated
18Daya AswathyBeauticianNominated (Wild card)
19Jazla Madasseri Marketing ManagerEliminated
20RJ SoorajRJEliminated
21Pavan Gino ThomasModelEliminated (health issue)
22Abhirami SureshActress and ModelNominated (Wild card)
23Amrutha SureshModel and SingerNominated (Wild card)

Step by Step method to Vote for Asianet Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2

There are two methods with which viewers can vote for their favorite contestant. The contestants who fail to get the audience support will be eliminated from Bigg Boss Malayalam 2. The two methods for voting (Bigg Boss Malayalam 2) are:

Asianet Bigg Boss 2 Vote Malayalam through Website / Vote Asianet Bigg Boss 2 Vote on Hotstar application

The link to vote for your favorite contestants will be available soon. Steps to vote for your favorite contestants:

Step 1: Go to the given website link to vote your favorite contestant on

Step 2: Sign in with your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account to vote

Step 3: Find the details in the link and vote to save your favorite contestant


Download the Hotstar App on your device to vote and follow the details that given in-app to vote for your favorite contestant.


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Toll Free Numbers

The nominated members of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 are currently given toll-free phone numbers. Audience can to which we can give miscall to numbers.

  • To Vote For Alasandra Johnson – Give Missed Call to 8367797203
  • To Vote For Alina Padikkal – Give Missed Call to 8367797206
  • To Vote For Rajini Chandy – Give Missed Call to 8367797207
  • To Vote For Sujo Mathew – Give Missed Call to 8367797217
  • To Vote For Somadas – Give Missed Call to 8367797213
  • To Vote For Rajith Kumar – Give Missed Call to 8367797215


The complete list of Bigg Boss Malayalam rules and regulations are given below. The show will be telecasted in Asianet Monday to Friday at 9.30 PM. Asianet will air the show at 9 pm on Weekends.

  1. 1. The contestants of Bigg Boss 13 have to reveal their Criminal background and Active cases if any. Heavy Penalty should be paid if any contestant tries to leave the Bigg Boss house during the show.
  2. The episodes video will not be edited as per the demand of participants.
  3. None of the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 contestants are allowed to meet other participants before entering the house.
  4. The show will be conducted for 100 days, and the entire house will be monitored 24*7.
  5. The contestants will be given a weekly payment depending on the elimination results.
  6. From the final 3 contestants, the number of votes will decide the winner.
  7. Physical Violence is strictly prohibited in the Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13.
  8. Each contestant be it a celebrity or common is equal at the Bigg Boss.
  9. The contestant will have to pay big penalty if any contestant breaks the rule of the Bigg Boss house.
  10. The contestant will not be allowed to use any devices like Mobile, Television and Internet.
  11. Every week Housemates can nominate two contestants for elimination. From the most nominated names, the result will be decided based on public voting.
  12. The contestants who got less number of the Votes through website voting or Hotstar App will be eliminated.
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  1. I am a regular viewer of Big Boss Malayalam Season 2 serial. Now-a-days I found that all the contestants are fighting with Dr. Renjith Kumar and they wanted to throw him out from the show. But he is an Enthusiastic, very intelligent, well qualified person and he never fighting or misbehaving with any one. Please look into it.

  2. Pavan rajith sir ine ചാരി വോട്ട് നേടാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്നു. He is playing a bad game

  3. Rrjith sir we support u.sir ne elavarum koode attack cheyuvannu.fukuru enthaa cheythathu.big boss parayanam ethraum tharam thayerthuennu.language pls valarae nookanam.

  4. Very goodplayer renjith sir, manju pathrose and fukru is very bad….
    Manju pathrose ne purathakkukka,
    Fukru vineyum purathu aakkuka…. renjithsir ne aakramicha fukruvine purathakkuka…….
    Laleetta plz manju pathrose, fukru, arya, veena, jesla, shaji evare purathakku….
    evar undenkil bigboss kaanan kazhiyilla.
    plz laleetta


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