Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Reshma Rajan feels that housemates show partiality

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 has just started and slowly relations are getting broken. The model twins of this edition, Alasandra Johnson and Reshma Nair was seen discussing the housemates in the previous episode. All the housemates are assigned different duties and few of the others also help even though duties are different.

Alasandra Johnson and Reshma Rajan feel that even if they do the work and also help without asking the housemates are still blaming. Reshma Rajan says “When I just move out to take water and come back, they just say to wash the already washed utensils. Just taking us for granted and regularly ignoring whatever works we do. If this was at my house, I would have broken the head. Treat everyone as equal. We are treating everyone as equal, but they are doing partiality on us.”

Reshma Rajan aka Reshma Nair also added “I hate the way they look at us, like small children. If I get a chance to tell them, surely I will do that. Yesterday I kept observing them, but on purpose, they are ignoring and even trying to isolate us.” She is seen happy as finally, there is a reason to nominate the housemates.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 started on Sunday and is telecasted in Asianet. The show is yet again hosted by Big Brother actor Mohanlal, who hosted the previous season too. Telecast time of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 is Monday-Friday 9.30 Pm and Saturday & Sunday 9 PM.

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