Tovino Thomas and Guru Soma Sundaram
Tovino Thomas and Guru Soma Sundaram

Just after the release of Minnal Murali the fans are eager for a sequel. The movie starring Tovino Thomas and Guru SomaSundaram is an instant hit. In the tail end of the movie, the hero is saying he is here to stay. With a great platform set, the sequel of the movie can surely take off. The character is well established and has a great story.

The fans are impressed with the super powers of Minnal Murali. Now, the hero is clear of his life purpose and is capable of beating even the strongest enemy. With more strong ideas of his powers, Murali will be more powerful. If more powers get unleashed, he can stand as the pillar and savior of the people.

The director Basil Joseph has shown his craft. Let us wait and watch if the makers can get a sequel of the films. This hit can motivate to create a Malayalam Superhero universe.

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