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Who is the internet sensation Jinal Joshi?

Model Jinal Joshi

Social media is a grand space to grow for every kind of stars be it writers, dancers singers, models and of course actors. Jinal Joshi is the trending star on Instagram, thanks to her viral photoshoot pics. Jinal is swiftly approaching 200K followers on Instagram with an amazing engagement with her followers. She continues to set goals for social media stars literally every day.

Jinal Joshi is an actress but more recognized as a stellar model who sets social media on fire. She has been modelling ever since 2017 and then also learned acting from the institute. Jinal has been regularly into photo shoots and is slowly picking up as a Social Media influencer for various brands too. She is a mass media journalism degree holder and then went on to attain the passion of her life – modelling.

In an interview, Jinal Joshi opened up “I started sharing different avatars from various genres on the platform. I have been fortunate enough to have received this love that is overwhelming & mesmerizing at the same time. I am yet to crack that big break but the beauty of today’s world is that reality is just a click away. When I make a mistake, I know instantly & improve almost immediately. Hence I am confident that even though I may be seen as the tortoise from the race, the big finish is right around the corner”

Recently she has been targeted by various trolls and abusive comments when pics were posted tagging it as bold. Jinal Joshi said “Most of my shared works are part of portfolio building & improvisations with time. An actor has to be versatile & should be able to present all flavors of life. I have all kinds of pictures on the profile and I like to keep it that way. Trolls & hate speeches are a part of the Internet, No Biggie! It’s just something that comes with the package.”

Jinal also mentioned that her fans have been very active in replying to all these trolls even before she sees it and is a bit relaxed on that part. Hopefully, there will be a movie coming soon to have Jinal Joshi in the lead. She has been constantly contacted for a few Marathi movies and Album songs.

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