Parvathy Arun
Who is Parvathy Arun, the trending Kerala girl?

Parvathy Arun is yet another model turned actress from Kerala and entered the movie industry after pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. Her debut movie was ‘Chembarathipoovu’ and later on she starred in ‘Ennalum Sarath’. Recently her photoshoots in Kerala style dress went viral and that seems to have opened a new horizon of fame for the actress.

She is a talented dancer too and being a Tiktok Celebrity too, she has recently released few dance videos which are currently trending on various social media platforms. Parvathy Arun had yet another release ‘Kalikuttukar’ opposite the Athishayan movie fame Devdas. Yet another milestone was the role in the Telugu flick ‘Mouname Istam’ and that has gathered applause from the audience.

As the directors in the diffferent industry noticed her talent in acting she was offered the role in multi-heroine movie ‘Geetha’ which is currently in post-production. With the recent Tiktok videos she is gathering a huge fan following on various platforms including Instagram and is growing herself as an Instagram influencer too. Hopefully, we could see her donning in multiple movies this year and take her career to another height.


  1. How others see you, is not important;
    How you see yourself means everything.

    She is really talented and a nice human being .?


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