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Tovino Thomas starrer Minnal Murali is streaming on Netflix. It was among the most awaited movie across India and global audience. With the super hit director basil Joseph, the fans get the perfect treat. The movie is an emotional action journey with super hero elements.

The movie is streaming in more than 150 countries in different languages. It is released in Hindi as Mister Murali. Already, the fans are excited for Minnal Murali 2. The viewers are impressed with the first Malayalam super hero.


Who is Minnal Murali?

Jaison, a youngster in the village, is a tailor. He gets struck by lightning and survives. Surprisingly, he also gains multiple super powers too. It brings in responsibilities and challenges against a stronger enemy. Now he has to fight and protect the people against the super villain. He takes up the title from the play written by his father.

What are the Powers of Minnal Murali ?

  1. Ultra Speed Minnal Murali has highly enhanced speed. He can rush swiftly across all kinds of terrain. Apart from that, he can throw items with huge velocity.
  2. Extreme Power The huge power is another superpower of Minnal Murali. Even his small strike can hugey impact the objects. Be it humans or other objects, it gets heavily damaged. The simple punch of hand can push enemies or break heavy objects.
  3. Control Over Gravity He can control the upcoming objects and hold it in the air. With huge objects coming against it, he can raise objects from the ground against it.
  4. Enhanced Senses He can clearly listen to the voices from far away. Distance doesn’t stop him from helping the needy. He finds more clarity in taking decisions swiftly.

Who is Minnal Murali Heroine?

Femina George plays Bruce Lee Biji in Minnal Murali. She is a powerful martial arts trainer. In real life, she is a model and social media star.

What is Minnal Murali Budget?

The super hero movie is made with a budget of 18 Crores. Director Basil Joseph and producer Sophia Paul have made a good package of entertainment.

It is a must watch movie with good graphics and storyline. A good romantic space between Usha and the villain was also good. BGM and art direction also did a great job. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel of this superhero movie.

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