Malayalam Actress Viviya Santh
Viviya Santh is the wonder girl in Vijay Superum Pournamiyum

The journey from being a model to be part of various TV ads has finally ended up in Malayalam movie industry and the stint started with ‘Pickles’ and then in ‘Just married’. Viviya Santh is a model, actress, a show host and professionally is a techie working as a Software Engineer. 
Her performance was well noted in a short but loved role in the Asif Ali starrer ‘Vijay Superum Pournamiyum’ and has grown in popularity quickly. the audience literally went crazy, searching who the wonder girl in Vijay Superum Pournamiyum is.

Viviya Santh has been passionate for modelling and fashion evens since her college days and that gave her the entry into various events and has won multiple pageant titles. She has been a host in various award functions and cultural programs which has also moulded her as a renowned performer on stage.

The wonder girl Viviya Santh is reportedly been approached by various movies including Telugu movies but nothing is confirmed officially. Viviya Santh opened up in a recent interview about the short film career she had and the expectations about the future in the industry. She expressed that 2019 may be a lucky year for her, as she has committed few TV ads, album songs etc and few movies are in discussion.


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