Shylock Movie review Mammotty starrer is a treat to fans
Release date 23 January 2020
Starring Mammootty,Meena,Rajkiran,Siddique,Baiju Santhosh,Kalabhavan Shajohn,Ajai Vasudev
Director Ajai Vasudev
Producer Goodwill Entertainments
Cinematography Renadive
Editor Riyas K Badhar
Music Director Gopi Sundar


Boss is a greedy moneylender who gives funds to producers of Malayalam film industry. He is known to take any harsh step to get back his money which earned him the title of Shylock. The story starts when such a producer rejects his calls and ignores when repayment is demanded, beast mode of Shylock turns on. Directed by Masterpiece fame, Ajai Vasudev the film was released today. Let’s see how it is.


Boss kaka Shylock (Shakespeare reference) is peacefully conducting his finance business. He is the leader in lending money to movie producers and goes to any extent that the money is returned.  Pratap Varma (Shajohn) is a producer who borrowed from Boss and never returned the money. Shylock visits the set of the movie and takes him along to get back the money.

The news gets spread and Pratap seeks revenge on Shylock in company with the commissioner. Past of Shylock also comes as trouble for him. With more number of enemies and bad situations ahead, Shylock sets for the grand fight back. Can Shylock have the final laugh and stay on top? To know this, you have to watch the film in the theatres near you.

Plus Points:

Mammotty is insanely awesome with the screen presence and punch dialogues. He is the major powerhouse of the movie and can be called a torchbearer of the movie. Raj Kiran and Shajohn plays brilliant roles throughout the movie. Siddique and John Kaipallil does an amazing role in the limited screen time available.

Drishyam actress Meena amazed the audience with her charm. After a long gap from the movies, she is still perfectly balanced and matched perfectly for the character.


The story seems to lag at some portions. During the first half things start at a good pace and proceeds, but some portions could have been trimmed. Too much reference of Tamil film dialogues makes it a bit tiresome as the role is a Rajnikanth fan.

Technical Aspects:

Camera work by Renadive has been brilliant. The audience were impressed with the amazing frames even in the trailer too. He is a master class and has high hope to be yet another classy cinematographer in the industry. Music by Gopi Sundar looks tiresome as they seemed similar to old songs and recreation of music doesn’t always do justice.


Mammootty’s Shylock is an out and out treat for the fans. Keeping away the old movies you have seen and with a fresh outlook, this film is surely enjoyable. Multiple scenes seem like we have seen it dozens of times before but still, Mammotty’s charm can override it. Stylish avatar and mass performance of Mammotty awaits you in theaters.

Indian Talents Rating: 3.25/5

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