Bengali actress Saayoni Ghosh

Saayoni Ghosh is an Indian film and TV actress and her debut was in a telefilm Ichhe Dana, and her debut in the movie was in the Bengali movie Natobar Not out. She is also a very talented singer and has mesmerised the audience with her voice. Saayoni has been regular in Bengali movies with different roles and were applauded even though the duration was short. Her lovely performances were in the movies Kanamachi, Antaraal, Ekla Cholo, Bitnoon, Mayer Biye, Rajkahini.

She is a lifestyle blogger and a fashion enthusiast with the passion to travel. Saayoni Ghosh is trending on Instagram with her stellar pics and her fans regularly get updated. Her social media fans are swiftly increasing as she is also part of various other programs and that too provide her with wider exposure.


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