Pavan Gino Thomas wife Lavanya Alasandra wants to show my husband as negative

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is now on full power with intense tasks and filled with arguments and activities. The house became super active since the entry of pavan Gino Thomas on Sunday as a wildcard contestant. He had impressed the audience and fans by genuinely talking about his life and supportive wife, Lavanya Bonita.

The recent luxury budget task of Bigg Boss house was a ‘Call centre’ segment where Team A and B will be called and the team which disconnects the call first will lose it. The task started with Fukru who blasted Veena Nair as he claimed that, she is playing the sympathy card in the name of her kid. The task entered a different level when Alasandra Johnson called Pavan Gino. She roasted Pavan for being jobless and enjoying his life with the money of his wife Lavanya.

Pavan Gino Thomas wife Lavanya Alasandra wants to show my husband as negative

During the task, Alasandra told that he is not a gentleman as he is living on the salary of his wife. She also called him stupid. After the task, Pavan Gino Thomas, burst out in anger over Alasandra and also against SUjo Mathew. He even went on to expose Sujo Mathew for being intimate with Alasandra despite having Sanjana Sipani, his girlfriend and lover outside the Bigg Boss house.

In a recent interview of Lavanya Bonita with an online media, she opened up, how she was heartbroken after Alasandra offended Pavan. Lavanya said “It was heartbreaking that Alasandra used such language to provoke Pavan. It’s so sad that even my name was dragged in and her comments hurt me very badly. She provoked him so badly that, he will be labelled a bad guy and hence will increase the chance of being evicted from the show.”

Pavan Gino Thomas wife Lavanya Alasandra wants to show my husband as negative

“Even if I disregard Alasandra a bit, I am more shocked as to how Sujo is being fake. Sujo Mathew had denied being in love with Sanjana and repeated it. Even a day before, I spoke to his lover and was in tears due to his behavior inside the house with Alasandra Johnson. Regarding the yellow jacket, I had packed it on behalf of Sanjana Sipani as the birthday gift for Sujo.” Lavanya Bonita said.

She also pointed that Sujo Mathew is totally fake Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 from Day 1. Supporting Pavan Gino she said “I am happy that, he is doing well. Hope he can win the heart of the audience and stay inside the Bigg Boss house and he is totally genuine.”

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