Paras Chhabra confirms that he loves Mahira and will break up with Akanksha

It’s Weekend Ka Vaar and Salman Khan bashed two couples today. Sadly, Madhurima was evicted from the house for violent behaviour. Yet another major rumored couples were Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma. Salman Khan shared the news that Akanksha had informed him. She has been sending gifts, dress, footwears etc. In the house Paras and Mahira were sleeping together, and he was regularly seen kissing her even though she warned her.

When asked about the relationship, Paras said that his relationship is almost over with Akanksha Puri. He also revealed that the relationship was about to end even before he entered the house. Salman Khan raised the topic, to know if Mahira too knows everything about his girlfriend and she confirmed it. Mahira mentioned that “We are always friends and he has told me everything. He never faked anything or said that he will leave Akanksha and marry me”.

Paras confessed that he loves Mahira and he is ok that she is considering him just as a friend. He also mentioned that he is preparing to break up with Akanksha Puri once he is out of the Bigg Boss House. Salman Khan reminded him that, Akanksha Puri has been supporting him throughout his time at the Bigg Boss house. Paras has still confirmed on the show that, the relationship is not working for them and he is in love with Mahira too. But relation with Mahira is uncertain so not commenting on it.

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