Never Kiss Your Best Friend Web Series Review A cute tale of Love and Friendship


The long-awaited web series Never Kiss Your Best Freind has finally released. The story opens up with Tanie, a young and bubbly girl. She has no friends, boring life and a job with no satisfaction. She accidentally meets Sumer, who was her best friend and has been out of touch for more than 5 years. Feelings reunite them and they suddenly travel back to their best time. Tanie recollects on how they met and enjoyed a bond. From being a neighbour first, then as a friend and finally as her best friend.

Their relation gets spoiled as partners enter their life and get close up with personal life. Sumer and Tanie go out on a date, but she walks away to discover the shocking truth. Sumer had ended the relation with then-girlfriend, Laika. Sumer, later on, meets Tanie and they together set up a new house and spends the night at her home. In a revisit to past memories, Sumar had planned to expose Tanie’s boyfriend as he felt the guy is hiding things. Later Tanie reached out to Sumer in a heartbroken situation after finding the truth about her boyfriend.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Web Series Review A cute tale of Love and Friendship

During the moments of consolation and support, they end up doing something which shouldn’t have happened. Earlier Sumer convinced Tanie’s mother to support her to fulfill her dream of studying MBA at Cardiff. As they both got busy in life, Sumer and Tanie promised to stay best friends forever. Later they meet at she discovers a deep secret about his life, which could change everything between them. Tanie and Sumer feel they have something within which makes them more than best friends. Finally, when both of them finds that, they have feelings for each other. Fate plays the villain in their special love story.

Stars and Performances:

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Web Series Review A cute tale of Love and Friendship

Nakuul Mehta plays a brilliant role as Sumer. Well, balanced emotional scenes and his love is seen in the eyes. He looks impressive in every scene and takes the role of Sumer to the next level.

Anya Singh plays the impressive role of Tanie Brar. She looks amazing throughout the series and especially in the emotional scenes. She perfectly played the character with ease and pulled off a lovely act. Anya Singh is a promising actress and the audience will fall for her lovely expressions in Never Kiss Your Best Friend.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Web Series Rating: 3.5/5


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