Miss England 2019

Bhasha Mukherjee makes the whole of India proud with her achievement. She has two different medical degrees and has an IQ of 146 which is staggering.

An Indian origin doctor has reached a grand milestone taking on multiple models. Bhasha Mukherjee holds two medical degrees, has to command over 5 languages and IQ of 146. 

Miss England 2019

Before the event she had mentioned, “Some people think that we all look just for achievements, but we all stand for a cause.” She was born in India, but their family relocated to UK when she was about 10 years.

She added “My pageant career started during the studies at medical school. Eventually decided to give it a try and all things happened by chance.”

Miss England 2019

She completed two bachelor degrees: one in medical sciences and one in medicine and surgery from the University of Nottingham. Crowned as Miss England, she will enter into the Miss World contest and is also endorsed with a holiday to Mauritius.


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