Aishwarya Suresh (Lechu Grams)
Aishwarya Suresh (Lechu Grams)

Lachu Gram, also known as Aishwarya Suresh, is an upcoming actress and talented dancer who is now one of the contestants on Bigg Boss Malayalam 5. Here’s everything you need to know about her:

Background and Career

Lachu Gram was born and brought up in Africa, and later moved to Kerala to pursue her passion for acting and dancing. She made her acting debut with the Malayalam film “Thinkalazhcha Nischayam”, and has since appeared in several films and TV shows.

Apart from acting, Lechu is also a skilled dancer and has participated in several dance competitions. She is known for her graceful movements and expressive performances, and has won the hearts of audiences with her talent.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5

Lachu Gram entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 house as a celebrity contestant, and has been impressing viewers with her dancing skills and positive energy. She has formed close bonds with some of her fellow contestants, and has shown herself to be a strong and independent woman.

As a rising actress and talented dancer, Lachu has a lot of potential to win over fans and make a name for herself in the industry. Her passion and hard work could take her far in the competition, and make her a strong contender for the winner’s title.

Final Thoughts

Lachu Gram, or Aishwarya Suresh, is a talented and dynamic artist who has made a mark in both the acting and dancing worlds. Her participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 has given fans the chance to see her in a new light, and to appreciate her personality and talent. Whether she wins the show or not, she is sure to continue making waves in the industry with her hard work and dedication.


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