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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant Divi Vadthya will be safe this Week?

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestant Divi Vadthya will be Safe this Week

Its weekend time and the nominated contestants are getting tensed. During the weekend episodes, Nagarjuna will declare the housemate to be evicted. With seven contestants in the nomination list, one person will have to walk away from Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Currently, Surya Kiran is at the bottom position followed by Sujatha and Akhil. Divi was the sure choice to be eliminated before Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Episode 5. She was the most silent contestant during all the past days. But things turned around as she got a task in the episode.

Divi Vadthya in Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Divi Vadthya

Divi Vadthya was only seen in terms with Harika but she impressed everyone in the task. She had to share her point of view and observations about the other contestants. The netizens and housemates were impressed with her observation.

Her observation about Surya Kran and Sujatha was spot on and was appreciated. Others had claimed that she doesn’t fit in the game but this task changed everything. The audience also has showered more support to her in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 vote.

Surely she will be safe as compared to the other bottom contestants. Twitteratti was also seen supporting her for exposing the fake housemates. Let us wait till Nagarjuna comes during the weekend episodes.

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