Bigg Boss Season 13, October 30th: Arti blames Rashami spreading fake rumours about her and Siddharth Shukla

BB House Day 31 9:30 PM

Bigg Boss asks who they want to send to prison? Paras says Shukla and Asim. Asim leads Devoleena and Shefali for shouting and being aggressive in the task. Mahira takes the name of Shukla and Asim to provoke the touch in the chest. Shehnaaz uses the name Shefali and Devoleena for using the MeToo movement and Shefali kept bringing this character thing. Devoleena takes the name of Shukla and Asim, Shukla began teasing on task today, he is arrogant. Shukla says I’m not arrogant, I’m not aggressive, I was just kidding, I’m not losing any respect if someone is touching my chest, it was a joke. Rashami says it was a touchy subject.

Shukla says you tried to bring me down. Arti takes the name of Devoleena and Shefali. Shefali takes the name of Shukla and Asim. Shukla also broke the necklace. Shukla says it was clear from Farah that I was not very aggressive about tasks. He says I’ll take the name Devoleena and Shefali. Devoleena uses MeToo for such small things when it’s a weapon for women to fight, Shefali doesn’t support anyone. She takes Asim’s name for being careless in the task, she takes Shukla’s name and says you say you play with Being fair and logical, but you don’t listen to others, your attitude is not friendly, you are also a strong competitor.

Shukla says we all have duties here, I don’t understand what you are saying. Rashami says that when I ask you to cut vegetables, you do it without any care. Shukla says you can give me work and I will. Rashami says you don’t let others talk, you don’t want others to talk to you, you act like I’m running after you, but I don’t even want to see your face after the show. Rashami tells Bigg Boss that people are not making a mutual decision, most have adopted the name of Shukla and Asim so they can be sent to jail.

BB House Day 31 10 PM

Rashami holds Asim and Shukla in jail. She asks if they want food? Asim says later, she leaves. Arti is outside the prison. Asim asks Shukla for new people to come to the show so we can’t tell what happened here. Shukla says the group is dirty, people can see it or not, we’re friends, but these are unmotivated, I’m not ready to make friends just for the game, I won’t change because of these people, they can come from our side and if no, bye then.

BB House Day 31  12 AM

Arti tells Shukla that I had a prison fantasy, I didn’t ask for the first time, but now it’s becoming a routine to come here, so I want to say that I loved the prison scene in Dil’s movie and that I wanted my boyfriend to go to jail. She asks Asim to act like Amir Khan and I will act like Madhuri. Asim acts like Amir. He holds Arti’s hand. Arti acts and says I can’t live without you. Shukla says then come in and we will leave. Arti sings a Pyar Karne Wale. Shehnaaz sings with her. Asim pulls her closer and says you’ll have to live in my memories. Arti says I love you, honey. Asim says he hugs me daily and I will stay here so I get hugs from you.

BB House Day 32 1 AM

Arti talks to Rashami and says remember to call you before you come here and talk about articles that post rumours about me and Shukla, and I understand that you published this article to change focus. They go to the side. Rashami says why would I do this? Arti tells you why you wanted to remove focus from you and Shukla. Rashami says I don’t know who said it, but I never did. Arti says I just wanted to clarify, you told me not to talk about you with Shukla, go ask if he ever talked to him about you? 

He is not my husband to discuss everything with him. Rashami says why are you angry? I’m talking about us, why are you dragging me into this? Arti says why do you say you have trust issues with me? You started bringing Shukla here. Mahira gets there. Rashami says you two are screaming, talk calmly. Rashami says I haven’t posted any news, you have incorrect information, Arti.

BB House Day 32 2:30 AM

Arti asks Rashami why did you talk to Shehnaaz? She spoke to Shukla. Arti tells Shehnaaz that I was talking to Rashami, why did you go with him? Rashami tells Arti that you know I don’t get along with a person, so don’t talk about him, you just talk to me about us. Arti says he wanted to talk later. Rashami says you were blaming me, so I was cleaning without seeing who was there. Arti said I told you not to talk there, but you didn’t hear. Paras says don’t talk if it’s not a comfortable subject.

BB House Day 32 8 AM

Housemates wake up to the song raste se jaa rha tha… They all dance around.

BB House Day 32 8:45 AM

Asim tells Shukla that Shehnaaz wants to be all over the place, but she is with us with the chores, so we should trust her. Paras asks Shehnaaz to give him cups of coffee for Shukla and Asim. Bigg Boss says Asim and Shukla can leave the prison now. Rashami takes them out and takes utensils from there and hits Shukla a little. Things fall, so he says wait a while when I’m passing by. Rashami says you could have stayed too.

BB House Day 32 9:30 AM

Shukla tells Asim that Shehnaaz is not interested in house politics, she wants to be the centre of attention, she is not that baby.

BB House Day 32 4:30 PM

Shefali Zariwala is introduced and she dances. Bigg Boss welcomes you on the show. She is in a separate room. Bigg Boss says you can watch inmates here and people would like to know what you think about them. At home, Shefali reads an assignment where guys are getting a chance to pick their girls and get a chance to go to the next phase of the game. All three guys have their garden houses. When the buzzer rings, they order the girls to make food for them. 5 girls will be home chefs and the guys can order from anyone.

A girl will be a delivery girl and will take her favourite order from a scooter to deliver it to the guy she wants, she can also deny the delivery of an order, the guys need to make sure they get more orders from the girls so they have more. points. The girls will decide who will be 5 chefs and who will be the girl who delivers. Rashami will also be a referee of the task and will announce the chefs and the girls. Girls can cook together to complete orders, you wrap the food and delivery to the delivery girl. A girl cannot be a delivery girl in consecutive rounds, you must make the guy win, which may be beneficial to you.

BB House Day 32 4:45 PM

Arti tells Shehnaaz and Asim that they have more girls there, so they’ll pick Paras more often. The girls are checking the food items. Shefali and Devoleena hide some items. Shefali Zari watches them. Shukla tells Arti and Asim that they give one of us to get points on a stage

Paras tells Shefali that I can save a girl, but I need orders to choose from.Shukla tells Arti that they will win because of the majority. Rashami tells his team that we can be fair. You will have a choice about who he will choose. Shukla tells Asim that Shefali can switch sides if she benefits here.

BB House Day 32 5:30 PM

One more buzzer sounds. Paras calls home and Rashami answers and gives the menu. He says to make a fruit salad for me, he gives instructions. Shukla calls and orders Rashami’s veg burger. Then order fruit salad. Arti says I’m going to make Asim’s salad. Mahira receives the Paras request. Shehnaaz says I can’t do that, so I’ll give up. Rashami asks Devoleena? She says I want to deliver. Rashami says Shehnaaz will make Veg. Hamburger for Shukla. Rashami asks who will deliver? Devoleena says to me.

Rashami asks Arti and Shehnaaz if all is well? She says yes. Paras tells Asim that he told Shefali that he would choose a girl not to have much choice. She has to understand. Rashami helps Shehnaaz make the hamburger. Arti gives orders to Devoleena. Shefali tells Rashami that I hid chicken. Rashami says don’t do it. Arti asks Shefali to give stickers we need to use. Shefali says I don’t know. Rashami says don’t hide stickers. Paras screams for your request. Shehnaaz finds the stickers. Devoleena rides the scooter and arrives at Paras’s house. He takes the order and earns a point.

BB House Day 32 6 PM

Shukla asks Shehnaaz how do they choose Devoleena? Shehnaaz says I wanted to become a delivery girl, but Devoleena took her name, so Rashami asked me to make the salad. Shehnaaz says I told her I couldn’t, but she didn’t listen. Shukla says they also hide stickers. Shukla says you should not have agreed to become a chef.

BB House Day 32 6:30 PM

Rashami tells Devoleena that Shukla will choose only Arti and Asim can change sides so that I have no choice. Shefali says that if we don’t give orders to anyone, we don’t have to choose. Shefali says Paras has clarified who he will choose, if we give 1 point to the three, the game will be a draw. Rashami says we can give Arti and Shehnaaz a chance to become call girls.

Shehnaaz asks Paras and Mahira who hid the stickers? Mahira says, let me talk. Arti tells Rashami that you have heard from me and Siddharth S in the media. Rashami says why would I do this? Mahira says I did nothing. Arti says Shefali hid stickers even before the task began, this is wrong. Mahira says Shefali made a joke. Shefali says I did it deliberately, I returned, we are playing as a team to save Paras. I returned, so be happy.

BB House Day 32 6:45 PM

Buzzer rings, Shukla orders fruit salad. Paras asks for ginger chicken and says you have a cute voice. Rashami says bye. So order a Veg. Pizza. Rashami asks who is doing what? Shehnaaz says I will deliver. Arti says I’m going to cook for Asim. Shefali will make Sid’s fruit salad and Devoleena will make Paras.

Shukla tells Shehnaaz that they will win anyway, so you can choose Asim if you want.

Arti requests Shukla and Asim. Paras asks Shehnaaz to be bold and do whatever he wants. Shefali asks Shehnaaz to do what she wants. Shehnaaz says you think Paras will save you? Shehnaaz goes and rings Sid’s buzzer, but he doesn’t leave. She comes to Asim and gives him the order. Stop hugging her and say well done.

BB House Day 32 7:00 PM

Rashami tells Paras that we will keep you and Asim tied and will not deliver any other orders. Paras says this task can be rejected that way. Bigg Boss can also punish delivery girls. Shefali says we want a draw. Shefali Zari watches and says Paras is manipulating them to get the final pass, but Rashami is on the right track to give the three boys points.

BB House Day 32 8 PM

Bigg Boss asks Shefali Zari about the task. Shefali says the energy is weak, Arti needs to play more, they must make more allies in the game, they are not advancing in the groups.


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