Bigg Boss Season 13, October 28th: Farah anxious about Rashami And Sidharth Shukla’s Relationship

BB House Day 29 2 PM

Shehnaaz and Shukla practice a performance, she blushes and laughs.
Rashami asks Paras if Siddharth D is sleeping? Paras says he doesn’t like to be highlighted. Shefali says that Siddharth D did not position himself. Rashami says it’s not bad, but he doesn’t position himself, so I’m not there for him.

Asim, Arti, Shukla and Shehnaaz practice and laugh. Shehnaaz tells Shefali that Salman is not my relative, but you pointed to my character. Shefali says I saw you pushing Siddharth D away from your chest. Shehnaaz says that because he pushed me away, I was trying to entertain the task.

BB House Day 29 3:30 PM

Asim tells Rashami that you ask me to do the dishes and tells Paras that I don’t clean the bathroom, I’m not a cleaning professional, like the food that is upsetting my stomach. Rashami says I didn’t speak badly. Asim says Shukla cuts vegetables for you, so why do I need to? Rashami says if he doesn’t want to cut the vegetables, ask him to say: I’m not your servant. If you’re willing to cut vegetables, that’s fine, I don’t like how Shukla cuts vegetables.
Asim arrives in Shukla and says he is frustrated with the work.

Rashami tells Shukla that I have no complaints, I don’t like the way you cut vegetables, but I didn’t complain to Asim. Shukla says I wasn’t talking to you, I just told you to chop the vegetables if you don’t like it. Shefali cries and tells Rashami that I didn’t like the way Salman scolded me. I was wrong in front of Salman and now your ego is hurt. Shefali tells Rashami that I am sorry many times. Rashami hugs her and says happy Diwali.

BB House Day 30 8 AM

The Housemates wake up to a happy Diwali song. Paras gives a morning hug to Mahira. Bigg Boss wishes them a Diwali.

BB House Day 30 9:30 AM

Rashami asks Shehnaaz not to use abusive languages and be lovely to everyone. Shehnaaz says she told me not to sleep with the boys and I said some curses. Rashami says I know you got hurt. Shehnaaz says she’s hurt that I have proven the reason, she shouldn’t attack someone’s character.

BB House Day 30 1 PM

Shefali reads a Diwali assignment, two teams compete and prove that the other team does not deserve to stay at home. There will be a court and the Shukla team includes Arti, Asim, Devoleena and Shehnaaz. The Rashami team will have Mahira, Paras, Siddharth and Shefali. Shukla and Rashami will be advocates of the task, there will be a judge and you will have to secure victory in most cases, accuse the real prisoners and they can make you win.

Rashami tells Paras that we can say that Asim curses a lot. Paras says he talked about being a man for teas and all. Shukla talks to Arti and says they fight for food. He asks Arti and Asim to use their minds. Rashami tells Mahira that they go crazy on the task. Shefali can accept a case in which Shehnaaz started cursing her character. Shefali says she’s playing a woman card.

BB House Day 30 2 PM

Bigg Boss welcomes Farah Khan. Everyone greets her. Farah wishes them Diwali and sits in the court seat. She asks Rashami. Rashami says Asim did a lot of violence over tea. Shukla says that Siddharth D’s words are bad and he has a loser attitude. Farah says Salman took over Siddharth, so let’s go with Asim. Farah says he looks handsome and not the screaming type. Rashami asks Asim if he was right to yell at Paras? So says I asked who hid the tea and Paras started screaming. Farah asks Paras why he was hiding the tea? Rashami says we took the tea in instalments. Shukla says Devoleena was hiding the tea and now everyone is doing it, everyone should have things equally. Rashami says Shukla can’t answer for him. Asim was teasing Paras as a man.

Rashami’s team doesn’t hear the wrong words spoken by their team. Farah says you are all grudgingly cooking here Rashami, she tells Asim that you shouldn’t be so aggressive, Paras tried to solve it, but you didn’t. Farah asks Rashami not to be territorial about the kitchen. Rashami says we don’t complain about cooking. Mahira says the bedroom floor is not clean, Asim, you can ask Shukla. Shukla says my job is not to clean the floor. Mahira says he also cleans the bathroom floor, if you have a problem, I can change the bathroom with you. Shukla says I’m not questioning your work, Rashami started it? Rashami says no, they just asked me if you are working in the kitchen right now. She jokes that Devoleena is obsessed with the potty. She points to Rashami.

BB House Day 30 3 PM

Rashami tells Paras that we can talk about Shukla’s aggression. Siddharth D says we can other points about his curse. Paras yells at him to let him talk.
Shukla tells his team that we put our points and I don’t know how they won. Shehnaaz says I thought she made the right decision, Asim gets aggressive and doesn’t look good. Shukla says they are from his parents.

Rashami says Mahira can say that Shukla attacks girls. Shukla tells his team that Rashmi coats and doesn’t play with the front foot. Shehnaaz says, but the thing has been clarified. Aarti says why are you trying to act well? Shehnaaz gets out of there. Paras says you can talk about him knocking down others and talking about his pattern. Shukla tells Shehnaaz that they talked about Asim before so we can too.

BB House Day 30 3:30 PM

Shukla blames Siddharth D for not using good words. Rashami says in Farah’s court that Mahira does not feel well and Shukla attacks girls. Shukla says I want to accept this guilt. Mahira says I pushed him to save my ladder, but he also pushed me. Rashami says he loses his temper and we feel insecure. Farah says the boys must feel insecure like Shefali, Mahira and Devoleena charge for them. Mahira says he shows aggression. Shukla says I was trying to break her ladder and she pushed me, but I didn’t push her with my strength, she’s making it up, she then threw mud at me, but I was fighting alone.

Siddharth D says he was breaking things like a gorilla. Rashami throws something near Farah, she gets scared. Rashami says I’m sorry, but it happened to us, his body has so much power that we can’t fight him. We have wound marks from this aggression. Farah says you can’t raise your hands. Shehnaaz says that if they feel insecure, why give them a try? Farah says Siddharth S was angry, but everyone attacked.

Farah says I want to find out about your relationship. You can only have such animosity when you have a good friendship. I want to make a movie for both of you. Rashami says that when a man with such a heavy body carries you, you cannot fight him. Shukla says thanks for liking my body. Rashami says I didn’t say that. Shukla says to keep talking. Rashami says you have a big body and use it against girls. Farah says don’t overdo it, don’t be so hyper, he was just kidding. Rashami, he started talking about patterns and creating problems.

Shukla says it’s 6 against me. Rashami says don’t add phrases like this, we’re not a group. Farah says there is a group in Rashami, Shukla’s group seems sensible. Your group is just attacking other people, these four don’t argue with you and put other people down, Shehnaaz looks similar. Shefali says she was cursing me easily. Farah asks Shukla why he got aggressive? Shukla says Rashami was threatening to tell about me, we all know each other, but she can say what she wants. Rashami says he talks about his aggression.

Mahira says we both hug, but I fell and hurt my feet. Farah says that Shukla grabbed you and pushed you? Shukla says I was pushing the stairs and she fell while sitting on the stairs. Rashami had also scratched Arti. Rashami says they never accept. Farah says I’m leaving if you talk together, I don’t think any girl is in danger, Shukla got aggressive, but no one was in danger, Siddharth D shows very dangerous aggression. Mahira was injured because she fell, not because Shukla had hit her. She gives a point to Siddharth Shukla.

BB House Day 30 4 PM

Rashami says on camera that this is violence and you will show what you want, but this favoritism is not good, this is bad. Mahira tells Paras why Rashami said we are insecure? I’m not insecure about anyone, she insulted me.

Shefali cries and says Shehnaaz was cursing me and my family, but all right? She gets close to the boys, but is this wrong when I said that? It gets there. Devoleena says you can’t cry, you have to stand, say the word she said, you didn’t define the word she said.

BB House Day 30 4:45 PM

The last trial begins. Rashami says Shehnaaz was physical in the task against Shefali. Shukla says we blame Rashami for being a liar, plays with his back foot and is a sweet knife. Farah calls Rashami. Shefali says Shehnaaz called me a bitch. Shehnaaz says they tease me that I sleep with boys. Shefali says she didn’t mean it. Farah says you can curse in anger, but you can’t play a character. Farah asks Shehnaaz not to curse, everyone loves you. Shehnaaz apologizes and hugs Shefali. Shefali says this is destroying my image.

Farah says there was no picture for you out there, what you say is shown, Devoleena says a lot of bad things, she said you’ll play #Metoo in Siddharth S, not a comedy card. Shukla says Rashami creates trouble out of nowhere, she says people are touching her. Farah says there is a lot in me and not in me. Rashami says he was in my way, so I just said not to touch me. Farah asks if Shukla tried to touch her? Shukla says never, not even a chance. Devoleena says I have a complaint against Rashami, she says Arti is playing safe, but she doesn’t say it in her face.

Rashami says I don’t get a response from her, so I don’t think it’s a good time. Arti says I was crying and Rashami came over and cursed me, so she stood beside me in front of me. Rashami says I told Arti to show Shefali anger while she connected her with Siddharth S, I know Arti very well. Rashami says she never said a word against Arti, I know Arti is a fighter, I saw her in a worse situation, she knows me that I don’t cry for no reason. Farah says she’s not fake, you both get hyper from each other.

Rashami says I tried to make friends with him, but he never tried on his side. Shukla says she starts crying or just lies. Rashami says emotions are a lie? Shukla says yes as an actor. Rashami says I’m acting? Shukla says Asim got sick eating his food. Farah tells Asim that you have entered this house and become a celebrity to be able to make this commitment, as people are dying for this opportunity. Shukla says we don’t ask for duties to change. Farah says you can solve is along. Rashami says they don’t want to. Shukla says no, we won’t. Farah says Rashami and Shukla will never find a solution, you can solve it and surprise everyone. Farah hugs everyone and asks Rashami not to cry. She leaves.

BB House Day 30 6 PM

Rashami tells Shehnaaz that you have an attachment to Punjabi but are taking a risk. Devoleena says you are a strong candidate, but Shukla always chooses Arti. Rashami says that Paras told you not to sacrifice yourself, they don’t trust you.

Shukla tells Asim that now they will talk sweetly to her.

Shehnaaz is wearing her makeup. Paras says you threw mud at me. Shehnaaz says you can’t make me a villain, I told you not to be unfair. Paras says I did not play unfairly, bring her makeup, she shows the mirror and says I see everything, you give Mahira training to move on. Paras says I don’t give anyone advice. Shehnaaz says if you stood by me.

Arti tells Devoleena that I have a good friendship with Shukla, people talked about us, but still, I’m with him, because my friends and family know that there is nothing. Devoleena says Mahira is used by Paras and so are you and Shukla.

Do you ask Shehnaaz why girls don’t like Shukla and me? He doesn’t stand for you, you don’t stand, so don’t ask me.

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