Bigg Boss Season 13, November 9th: Salman slams others for targetting Siddharth; Poonawala evicted

It’s Weekend and time for Weekend Ka Var and eviction. Salman calls Mahira for being the most sinned housemate as selected by the inmates. Mahira defends herself and points out that housemates are wrong. Being the major source of complaints of the housemates, Siddharth is made to sit on the chair of the villain. Now Salman moves on to the fume between Pars and Shukl and asked if they need to fight over it. Salman mentioned that I rewinded the whole tape and saw that twisted finger was not due to Shukla.

Sid Shukla defends himself with statements against Mahira. It happened when Paras was taking a box and he twisted your finger. We both were forcing on the box and she fell and there is nothing I could have done. I didn’t even touch Mahira and the same happened when I tried getting the box from paras. Salman warns both Shukla and Mahira. He says Mahira shouldn’t have gone if she knows he is stronger. Salman also advised Shukla that, there are girls in the house so be very careful so that you don’t hurt anyone.

Mahira weeps and says to Paras that if her pain and feeling as called drama on National TV, I don’t want to continue here. Even with Sana seeing it, she didn’t come in support of the fact. Paras consoles her and says to stay away and he keeps on being aggressive with everyone.

Sooraj Pancholi joins the stage with a dance for the promotion of his film Satellite Shankar. He speaks about the movie and urges everyone to watch the movie in theatres. Salman tries to patch up Sana and Himanshi and wished that they sort it out in the house itself.
Watch the whole episode:

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