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Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 9, October 10th: Highlights

Bigg Boss 13 Episode 9

The Bigg Boss Episode 9 started with Paras and Arti discussing Bigg Boss nominations which happened last day. Its tough time ahead for Paras, everyone is standing up against him.

7.15 PM Evening (Bigg Boss House)

Arti says Koena wants Sidharth Dey to be moved out of Bigg Boss first. Meanwhile, Paras and Koena discusses the same. She says “I am not insecure. Arti is a total foul-mouthed person.”

8 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Arti clarifies to Shehnaz that “From Day 1, I never trust Paras. He is not even 1% trustable.” Koena is furious as Arti is talking to housemates about how she forgive others just before the nominations. “A clear task to escape from the process.”

9.45 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Paras is yet again the discussion point among Asim, Siddhart Shukla, Abu, Arti and Shehnaz. Sidharth says everyone is changing dimensions including Rashami too

Day 12 8 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

An awesome song comes in and lights come on everywhere. Shehnaz is seen dancing stunningly. Paras is already busy in the kitchen making tea for everyone.

9.45 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Sidharth Dey teaches some exercises to Mahira Sharma while Paras mocks him. Its a mix of yoga and breathing exercises.

10 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami and Arti are in talks with each other and both wanted to nominate Koena earlier but nominated Rashami. Now Rashami says “I have trust issues with you” and Arti ignores it by saying “I can’t solve it”.

Shehnaz talks to Devoleena about getting trapped in the game of Paras. Shehnaz said, “I was in the game, but now I survived and moved out”. Devoleena says “I’ve not been part of any game and I won’t ever be.”

12.30 PM Noon (Bigg Boss House)

Devoleena, Siddharth Shulka and Arti share the trust issues with Rashami and how she is forming a group of her own. Paras takes on beard styling and has funny talks with Mahira.

1.15 PM Noon (Bigg Boss House)

Sidharth dey and Asim makes fun of Siddharth Dey as Koena found him bathing with an open door. She had said it to Paras and it became known to everyone.

2.15 PM Noon (Bigg Boss House)

Now its time for the Report Card Session. The guy who gets most black rings will be making it close to the nomination next week.

Arti starts with putting a black ring on Paras. “I think you create issues and escape from it. Hope your behavior changes.”

Koena gives black ring to Siddharth Shukla. She says “I felt he is gentle and polite. Saw the arrogant and harsh side.”

Shefali gives the black ring for Paras. “Relations get broken very fast. This time, whatever he did was very bad.”

Rashami tags black ring to Siddharth Shukla. “He got very much arrogant. Bit by bit he makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Shehnaz gives the black ring to Paras. She said, “He already created misunderstanding.”

Mahira marks black ring for Sidharth Shukla. “He is not giving space to anyone. A bit too much biased.”

Devoleena yet again gives the black ring to Paras. She said, “He is too confused.”

Dalljiet Kaur gave the black ring to Sidharth Dey. “From the day he came in, he behaves like a kid. Always compares himself to small kids and talks weird things.”

Black Ring Status:
  • Sidharth Shukla: 4 Rings
  • Paras: 4 Rings
  • Abu: 3 Rings
  • Asim: 3 Rings
  • Siddhart Dey: 3 Rings
2.45 PM Noon (Bigg Boss House)

Abu asks about the relation breaking and Mahira and Shahnaz talk about the issue. Paras clears that Mahira is his friend and she agrees, Shahnaz gets jealous when Mahira is with him. Paras clears the issue and now Shahnaz is pointed for her misunderstanding.

4 PM Evening (Bigg Boss House)

Koena says to Paras “Sana is crossing all limits”. Paras “We have a connection, it feels really good to talk with her. But choosing one or the other is the problem.”

6 PM Evening (Bigg Boss House)

Paras walks with Mahira and wants to hug her to show Shehnaz. Paras “Can’t you hug me as a friend”, finally she hugs him. He tried it to bring out some reaction from Shehnaz.

8.15 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Its cooking time and Abu Ji is giving some tips to Rashami. Abu Ji doesn’t want the planned food, there is a debate and finally, they planned to make eggs. Paras boiled and removed the outer cover but broke it to small pieces so its wasted. Siddharth Shukla and Paras gets into an argument about it yet again.

9 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami is crying as none is supporting her. She makes food with love for everyone but people are saying bad about it without reason. “I hate groupism. People can come and share directly, but they get behind others and say.” Siddharth Dey comes and comforts her.

9.30 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Siddharth Shukla is blamed by Rashami and says “He is very bad. A fake person. We always had issues when we worked together. Things are not worth opening up.”

9.45 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami Cries in bed and Devoleena hugs her and comforts her to stop crying. She is very ad about how Abu Malik behaved.

11 PM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Arti shares the sad feeling with Siddharth Shukla and she even cries over the Queen issues. He finally comforts her and asks not to cry over this issue as it looks childish.

12.45 AM Night (Bigg Boss House)

Rashami advice Paras and asks about whats your stand about Mahira and Shehnaz. He says “I am comfortable with both. But can’t choose anyone.”

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