Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Pareekutty and Suresh evicted from the show

Bigg Boss house has been witnessing a different trend this week. With lots of fun, excitement and drama this week was one of the most amazing ones. As nominations happen every Monday on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2, 8 nominations were put up by the housemates. During the weekend episode aired on Sunday, host Mohanlal declared who are the evicted contestants.

Pareekutty was out of the house for a few days as he had eye sickness and yesterday he was evicted due to fewer votes from the audience. Earlier housemates were asked who will leave the show and most of them chose Reshma as she was the non-familiar face. As the audience expected, single eviction will be happening and housemates were seen relaxed.

Mohanlal announced there is a double eviction and Pareekutty will be joined by Suresh. Suresh was receiving the wrath of the audience as he used to abuse and blindly offend Rajith Kumar. From the list of 8 nominated housemates, Alasandra and Reshma Rajan was safe even with less popularity. Earlier Rajini Chandy was evicted and Somadas was removed as he had health issues.

The audience was eagerly waiting for the wild card and two new housemates entered the show. New entrants are Jazla Madassery and Daya Ashwathy.

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