Big Brother Malayalam Movie review Mohanlal starrer falls short of expectations
Release dateJanuary 16, 2020
StarringMohanlal, Arbaaz Khan,Anoop Menon, Honey Rose, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Sarjano Khalid, Mirnaa Menon, Siddique, Irshad, Gaadha
ProducerShaman International, Vaishaka Cynyma, Carnival Movie Network
CinematographyJithu Damodar
EditorK. R. Gourishankar
Music DirectorDeepak Dev


Sachidanandan was sentenced for a double life sentence and gets released. He has set the mind to ignore the past and live his life for his dear ones. Past surely haunts and hunts his family members and dear ones. He will need to take up his beast mode to protect and save his dear ones. Directed by Bhaskar The Rascal fame Siddique, the film was released today. Let’s see how it is.


Sachidanandan (Mohanlal) is released from prison after a double life sentence. The crime he did was that of killing a police officer at a juvenile home and his family is seen welcoming him back home. He narrates and points out that, he was not just spending time out at the prison. The major suspense element adds in with special skills Sachidanandan has.

His past comes haunting and he feels that his family too may be in danger. He is forced to return to the days he didn’t want to remember and sets out to hunt the ave his family. Vedantham IPS (Arbaaz Khan) plays the major role and is on the hunt to arrest Edwin Moses. The point where Edwin, Sachidanandan and Vedantham meet forms the crux of the story. How will Sachidanandan fight back and protect his family? To know this, you have to watch the film in the theaters near you.

Plus Points:

Mohanlal maintains the strong and intense nature throughout the movie, and cuts look only in a few comedy scenes. He is the major pillar of the story and is a charm to watch throughout the movie. Arbaaz Khan has a great presence and supports storytelling. Honey Rose and Gadha does their part well and looks impressive.

Mirnaa who played the role of Arya\Shetty looks amazing. The gorgeous actress does her part very well and is seen in some lovely moments along with Mohanlal. Anoop Menon and Sarjano Khalid too does their best in the limited screen space they have.


The story is the major drawback of Big brother movie. The role of Arbaaz Khan looked promising but fell too short that, its just a mere police officer who is destined to watch and not act much. The comedy portions of Tini Tom, Irshad and Vishnu Unnikrishnan too look very odd as it looks misplaced. Watch time is way too much and it kept on increasing as the director wanted to add a superpower to the role of Sachidanandan played by Mohanlal.

Technical Aspects:

Camera work by Jithu Damodar is worth appreciation, especially in the action scenes. A good visual experience kept the audience even in parts. Music by Deepak Dev looks good and he starts from where he stopped in Lucifer. Edits of K. R. Gourishankar should have been better and a good amount of trimming would have helped the movie.


Mohanlal’s Big Brother is surely watchable for Mohanlal fans. Ignoring the time lag, storyline and multiple factors, it provides some good moments on screen. The charm of Mirnaa, Gadha and Honey Rose brings in some freshness. Overall, the movie is a one time watch if you have a good amount of patience.

IndianTalents Rating: 2.75/5


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