Barot House Review

Barot House revolves around a family story which has a high amount of mystery and murder. It takes twists and turns and keeps us guessing what the end will be.

Web Series is taking the internet by storm and is capturing the grand area occupied by the TV industry. OTT platforms are slowly building up a parallel space without many restrictions to create and share as per the writer’s freedom. Barot House trailer was promising and the first inference after watching the series is ‘Half Baked’. The success of murder-suspense films have pushed many story-tellers to come up with similar ones, but very few succeed in doing justice. Murder-Mystery thrillers have always kept the audience guessing and way the movie is treated makes the difference.

Barot House

Barot House revolves around a family with three daughters, one son, wife, husband, husband’s brother and mother. One of the daughters is found dead in the graveyard and the story opens up. Characters die off one by one and there is no trace of things apart from intense mystery and murders. Barot House is said to be inspired from real incidents, but the makers haven’t quoted any true news alongside.

Set in an interesting plot, it may seem like the mystery is solved but twists keep on coming but ends up just being a distraction. The police force doesn’t do anything interesting than just pointing a person as guilty just because the person hasn’t proved to be innocent. The plot has a reference to a few paintings which points towards massacre.

Barot House Web Series

Emotions are expressed with slow motion, sounds of handling cups and saucers etc. Slow music of tabla and camera angles creates a sense of panic and there is nothing much left in the story as artists to act than a bit of joy, despair and sorrow. In total, Barot House turns out to be a bit different story line and half baked with the shrunken space given to perform ending up being a bit bizarre.


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