Finally after almost a year of wait, Avengers End Game has hit the theaters. The movie opens the Infinity War was left off with Tony Stark in the space and the superheroes reunite for avenging the irreversible loss Thanos had inflicted on the earth and the team members by turning half of the population into dust. The three-hour-plus movie is used well, we can ignore few sequences which may have been avoided but all is well that ends well.

A major issue in the movie is that frequently it loses the thread, especially as the remaining Avengers move as different teams with different plans to defeat Thanos creates fluctuation in the storyline. Apart from defeating, they also try to undo what he did ie wiping off half of the population. There is a bunch of twists and turns, and at every stage, the Endgame will turn your expectations upside-down. Its actually like a cameo appearance stage for various heroes of MCU over the decade comes and diminishes all at once. One after the another, the rules are being broken only being justified to somehow end the mighty Thanos.

Emotionally gripping roller coaster ride is a treat for the fans, but it will be debated that the climax is actually worth the logic. Of course, we can ignore the logic as its a union of superheroes all over. In total its a visual treat to experience only in the theaters, having the piracy print leaked make sure you refrain from watching those pirated ones and enjoy at the theater.
Final verdict: 4/5


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