X-Men Dark Phoenix Review
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Review

In short, this is a movie which, yet again shows the ‘World is in danger and heroes need to help’ and Jean Grey is the major headache as a scenario overpowers her and pose a threat to the humanity.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix works on whom to save either her or humanity and how they go through the process forms the crux of the story. All the heroes are given ample space and strong character to display even with the limited resources.

The major issue of the movie is the motive of the villain which is just destroying the world and reconstructing in their planned way, which has been the same in many recent movies. The weak script is the biggest drawback which drags the film back despite a brilliant performance from the actors.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix has more prominence for the female characters on paper but it could have been a bit better executed, which could have provided a better cinematic experience. Overall the movie falls short of expectations and ends up giving moments of uncanny visuals which could have ended up being a perfect superhero movie.


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