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Who is Khureshi Abram in Lucifer?

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After a tremendous performance in the Box Office worldwide the Mohanlal starrer Lucifer is running all guns blazing to the first ever 200 crore mark in the Malayalam movie industry. Today the makers of the movie have released the L theme song which unveils deeper details of Khureshi Abram, a shady character which came out towards the end of the movie. There are few reports that Lucifer 2 may happen which will be in an international canvas showcasing the life of the Illuminati member Khureshi Abram.

The recent video song has newspaper reports which shed light on the grey side of Khureshi, who is a globally sought after team member who even being evil has been providing services to the security agencies against the terrorism. Let’s wait and see if Khureshi Launches himself on to the Silver screen as director Prithviraj hasn’t confirmed about the sequel.


Khureshi Abram and Illuminati are interrelated?

Illuminati is the powerful legion of members who have complete authority on how the world should go on as they are present in all top segments of the society but are known by various other identities and hence remain completely secret. They love the power and authority than money, which they keep proving on and on, silently we can see it when the 1000 crores are set on fire.

Khureshi Abram in Lucifer

In the intro of the movie, news cutting about Rothschild family ie the family in Illuminati which is believed to be controlling the global financial movements is shown and Khureshi Abram’s vague picture too is shown pointing the relation. Govardhan had actually mentioned about Infamous nexus of ‘Khureshi Abram’ which backs Manappatil financiers and hence the IUF party.

Khureshi Abram in Lucifer

In the initial portion, the article reads ”Rothschild family loses out to Khureshi Abram” and that marks the success over the financial power in the universe.  In the climax, Khureshi is seen wearing a ring (Cicada 3301) and that ring too is an identification symbol of the Illuminati related group across the globe.

Why Stephen Nedumbally is called “Lucifer”?

Khureshi Abram in Lucifer

From the 666 Car, Stephen Nedumpally uses and then the meeting he has with Priyadarshini in a tomb where the cross has broken the neck of Jesus and a snake symbolising satan is moving over it. Yet another scene is the bar dance scene where Mohanlal is seen sitting and there is special lighting behind when you look carefully that is the ‘wisdom owl’ which is part of the Illuminati belief.

Why is Bobby shown as the villain? In a normal sight Stephen seems to do it for the well being of youth but, as said “The thirst for authority” is the cause as he has the party backing him so Stephen can easily continue the gold and other illegal trade. Even killing Fyodor was to cut the authority he has and take over his area of business too.

Khureshi Abram in Lucifer

All these points the actual intimation of Stephen to the belief towards Lucifer and such beliefs hence making the wish of Satan happen. So slowly the mask is getting unveiled after Bobby is killed and Jethin Ramdas, his brother is made the CM its a cake walk for him as the party is back to Manappattil funding and hence Stephen. So with the illusion of making everything good for the people around Stephen just made his kingdom more wide and better, the kingdom of ‘Lucifer’.

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