We are approaching yet another International Women’s Day as is a day for all the aspiring women to push their limits and succeed in life. Here is the message from among the celebrated actresses Swetha Tripati and Neetu Chandra

Shweta Tripati started her career with few TV shows and then debuted in Tamil. She opened up in an interview, “Being a woman is always a blessing and it could be a superpower. Everything is  amazing but all this won’t happen until we change our view point and also other women. I wont allow my dreams, my ambitions, my emotions to be ruled by my gender. This Women’s Day, let’s believe in each one and celebrate each other. ”

Neetu Chandra is an actress and former basket ball player who has fared in various tournaments. Neetu shared , “I urge all women in the world to never let yourself fall due to circumstances. Push yourself to be rejuvenated and inspired from within for a great future ahead. I’m really proud to be a woman and every woman in this world should feel proud about themselves.”


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