petromax movie review

The movie is about a haunted house and struggles within. The owner of the house can’t sell the house as its doubted to be haunted. It becomes a do or die situation to prove the house is fine, so he lets a group of people stay there.

Story :

Petromax starts off with few horror scenes by which we are convinced that the house seems haunted. The story resembles multiple times tried story line, where a house is haunted and few outsiders are let to stay inside. The struggles of the housemates within and the house-owner to prove that the house has no ghost. Will the inmates be able to survive the stay or will the ghost take on them? To know in detail, you must watch the movie.

Plus Points :

The intro scenes which has horror elements will bring in chills to the audience. Tamannah and Yogi Babu does a brilliant job and keeps us engaged. Even the story has flaws counters from Kaali and Yogi Babu makes it entertaining. The humor which hadn’t been too much effective still manages to stick us to the seats. Music adds to the worth of the movie and involves us in a few scenes. Few twists, flashback and on-screen performance of all the actors turn to be the main positives of the film.

Minus Points :

The story line is the major negative of the movie. The usual and predictable plot has created less impact adding on less impactful horror scenes. Apart from the first few horror scenes, nothing has a powerful horror element later on. The editing should have been a bit better as few scenes seem to be added out of the context. The emotional portions aren’t much impactful hence there is a gap when it reaches the audience.


Technical Aspects :

The camerawork by Dani Raymond is well executed. The frames especially the opening shots and horror scenes have made us feel the heat.The music portion by Ghirban has been impressive and that adds to the positives of the film. The editing task by Leo John Paul hasn’t been up to the mark in some scenes, but some has been lovely.

The story is written by G.R Surendarnath and has very less fire within. The major credit goes to director Rohin Venkatesan as the execution of the flawed story is made better with his skill.He shows the shades of his previous works but is the major reason why the film became a bit better after the second half.

Verdict :

In total ‘Petromax’ is looks too familiar with its thin plot but is engaging with the comedy portions. The movie fails as a horror comedy but is better called as a mysterious comedy film. The funny dialogues,charm of Tamannah and the lovely frames is what welcomes you. Keeping away the logic and ill treated emotion scenes, Petromax is a strictly one-time watch.

Rating : 2.25/5 (



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