Raktanchal Web Series Review A spectacular gangster thriller

Raktanchal Web Series Review


The much-awaited crime thriller web series Raktanchal is finally here. The story opens up with the entry of normal man Vijay Singh and violent events at his sister’s wedding. With nothing to lose, Vijay Singh sets out to fulfil his revenge against the don Waseem Khan. Vijay joins the politics and is set to fight Waseem Khan by the support of Sahib Singh.

After Sahib Singh gets the lead, its Vijay’s turn to start the attack at Waseem Khan and he starts the fight. Making Purvanchal to a battlefield called the Raktanchal. Sanky Pandey is hired to finish off Vijay Singh but he fails multiple times. Alcohol sold by Vijay Singh causes multiple deaths and brings in major damage to his image.

Both of them decide to face off for the final time. Finally, the ultimate battle is all guns blazing and its time for the revenge.

Stars and Performances

Kranti Prakash Jha plays a brilliant role as Vijay Singh with strong emotions and valour. He plays the role of the don who is set for revenge and effortlessly pulls off an amazing performance. His rise to power is worth watching and is absolutely a great performance.

Soundarya Sharma does an amazing role which will leave the audience in surprise. She displayed an amazing amount of grit and did her role in the screen time given.

The strongest portrayal of Waseem Khan was done by Nikiten Dheer. He showed his passion and love for power and money. Even his eyes communicated a lot than his words. The role of Waseem Khan one of the major positives of the Raktanchal web series.

Kenisha Awasthi plays the role of Bindu. Her brilliant act looks so amazing that the audience will fall for her. Such was amazing chemistry and the acting each scene. The speeches and firebrand dialogues are really giving goosebumps.

Ronjini Chakraborty does a decent job in the limited screen space she received. Her acting skills are worth appreciating and the flow of the character never seems to go out of control.

Raktanchal Web Series Rating: 3.25/5

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