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Odiyan movie review : 2.5/5 rating

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Odiyan was the most awaited Malayalam movie and it is released worldwide.Odiyan is a dramatic movie and is focused on the relationship between its three characters – Manikyan (Mohanlal), Prabha (Manju) and Ravunni played by (Prakash Raj). Movie takes pace only during the four action scenes, each better than the other, and climax fight is obviously the best among them.

Manikyan’s return to village after 15 years of self imposed exile and had to take up the challenge to take on a youngster with the “Odiyan skills”. The enemity between Manikyan and Ravunni and the death in Prabha’s family causes Manikyan to leave off the village. Incidents and the reasons which forces him to move out and the impacts he brings in when he makes his return forms the rest of the story.

Mohanlal does his best to essay the role of Odiyan and that is the main plus of the movie. Narration by Mammotty and supporting graphics about how Odiyans attack their targets by taking various forms have done to give a better idea about the Odiyan clan.

Manju Warrier comes back in very strong role through Odiyan and Prakash Raj does his part as villian but the dubbing takes a backseat so that his villainism impact gets reduced. Director Shrikumar has done his part but, for the hype it had and the fans have been left with the feel that the film had to have much more to fill the output and the expected.

Odiyan seems to be a bit too lengthy and if its lagging scenes was framed to a lesser time, it would really have been entertaining. Even the audience responses have proved Odiyan fell very short of expectations. Odiyan has brilliant acting by the lead stars, high octane action scenes but falls short of the script and presentation. You will be able to watch to see the brilliance of Mohanlal and the fight scenes, but nothing else and that will be a treat for the fans.

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