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Mallu Traveller Wiki, Bio, Age, Images, Family

Mallu Traveller Wiki, Bio, Age, Images, Family (1)

Shakir Subhan aka Mallu Traveller is a travel vlogger. He has gained a considerable amount of attention through his hitch-hiking videos. Started off with normal travel around the country and later to countries around India, like Nepal. Later on, with constant support, he grew much on social media.

Fans were constantly in awe with his travel and wanted to enjoy the view at home. That’s when Shakir Subhan opened the Mallu Traveller Youtube channel. His motto in life is ‘To travel the whole world in a bike, all alone’. Shakir Subhan is a 29-year-old youngster from Kerala, who is exploring the world all alone and sharing the beauty with everyone across the globe.

Currently, he is travelling through UAE in the TVS Apache RTR 200 bike. His YouTube has 470 K plus subscribers. Facebook has 130K Likes and Instagram family just crossed 150K followers. He is the only Travel Vlogger who gives a clear and detailed description, lowest fare, cheapest stay and all such money-saving tips.

Mallu Traveller had been selling products through his website. It included T-Shirts, bags and multiple other products. With the huge response, he is receiving it’s expected to cross 1 Million Youtube subscribers by the end of his trip. With multiple sponsors financing him, makes his trip very easy. His mother Amina is the major supporting system and has given him full freedom to follow his passion.

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