The intense and emotional love journey of Harsh and Naina and goes to the extreme to attain the love. This political drama set by Director Annant Jaaitpaal takes the revenge mode and special Kudos to the artists who donned the lead roles.  

The profession of the protagonist is shown completely in a secret manner and the weak script actually becomes the pitfall of this movie. The star cast has actually made good performances and has actually shifted the scripted political drama movie into a gang war movie ending up with chaos.

Kissebaaz has the perfect mix of young talented actors and also veteran actors like Pankaj Tripathi. The story becomes a complete letdown as the performances can’t actually save the movie from being lost. The 2 hours plus movie runtime takes a good amount of patience test from the audience.

Too much noise throughout and finally ends up with only a few glimpses of story and the performance to keep in mind. It turns out to be a forgettable movie experiment from the debutant director and plus goes to the acting of Rahul Bagga and Anupriya Goenka.


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