Kidu, which was a very anticipated release of the month is a simple story of school life which spans around the lives of five Class 11 students, portrayed by Minon, Ramzan, Ayman, Althaf and Vishnu. The first half of the film, focuses on the mischiefs and funny side of the students, harsh attitudes and bit of romance.With the entry of Annie (Leona Lishoy), as class teacher, the attitude of the gang starts to change. She eventually succeeds in improving them academically and keeps faithin them despite the oppression from other teachers.

As things go by,students get shocked by an incident and how it changes their life is depicted in rest of the movie. Ramzan and Minon, who play the characters Vyshakh and Vishnu respectively gets a great chance to perform their characters well and has very good amount of dialogues in the movie. Film dosen’t offer much in the first half butit gets more engaging when the students are on a mission of their own to trace down the crime that changed their lives.
The song sequences and fight sequences in the end has been good and should appreciate the Camera work. the voice portion has been a negative to be pointed out in the movie, where dubbing hasn’t been effective. Kidu is a normal movie which collages few shool memories and runs along with few gripping scenes, but in total has nothing much to offer above an average film.
Rating : 2.25/5
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