Kavya Ajit is an Indian singer, violinist and a live performer from Kerala and has amazed the music lovers since long. Apart from Malayalam, she has sung for movies in various Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. She is trained in Karnatic Classical Music and Western classical style of Violin, she has made her mark globally with various concerts and events all over. Kavya has also sung various commercial jingles and has collaborated with other talented music industry legends to create good music.

She has done various albums and is also a model. Her fan base in Kerala took a leap when she sang for Nivin Pauly’s Oru Vadakkan  Selfie and she has been consistent with various works up her sleeve.  Kavya is amongst the very young multi-talented music industry stars who can sing as well as stay an expert violinist. Kavya’s cover song version of various songs have made her more acceptable to the audience.


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