jackpot tamil

Jackpot Capsule: Two mysterious woman takes on a gangster as they know about some strange vessel is hidden at his house.

Jackpot is a fun-filled journey with actors doing a good job with the screen space they have. The film starts with the decades-old story of some inexhaustible vessel and plot revolves around it. Akshaya and Maasha find ways to make money after they discover the vessel is at a gangster’s house.

Jyothika is being given a mass hero projection and is fitting well in the role along with Revathy. The two of them appear in stye and surely has an introduction song, blasts some punch lines and some fight scenes too. Anandraj makes a brilliant mark with he is performance in dual roles and is convincing. Rajendran and Yogi Babu manage to entertain with their fun parts but at times makes the comedies misplaced which can test our patience.

Though the story has nothing much to offer than the mystery surrounding the vessel, the movie is appreciably funny. Music and the background scores may give us a feeling of some old faded songs. Jackpot is one such fun ride you can watch, ignoring the story strength and logic.


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