Halkie Fulkee Movie poster

Halkie Fulkee is a Gujarati language movie. The movie release date is 17 December 2021. It includes Satvi Choksi, Manasi Prabhakar Joshi in the cast.


The plot revolves around the life of a few young girls. Things take a turn as they desire to enjoy themselves. Will it change their perspective of life forever?

Halkie Fulkee Cast

  • Manasi Prabhakar Joshi as Neerja
  • Satvi Choksi as Shakti
  • Purvi Desai as Keerti
  • Disha Savla as Vaani
  • Rachana Pakai as Gaytri
  • Neha Mehta
  • Aanchal Shah  
  • Bhavwini Gandhi
  • Anandee Tripathi
  • Jayaka Yagnik
  • Avadh Mehta

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Language: Gujarati
Release Date: 17 December 2021



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