game over Review and Rating
Game Over Review: Almost a gripping horror thriller

Crime doesn’t need a reason to happen and there are sadistic people who love to watch others suffer, cry and plead. These group of murderers actually track down females who live all alone and make them suffer and capture the violence on camera. Hollywood has multiple movies which are part of a home invasion which includes the movie ‘Strangers’.

Game Over film tries to give crime thriller a psychological, horror and spiritual treatment which falls shots leading the audience into a bit of boredom as experiment doesn’t click well enough. Tapsee essays the role of Sapna who works from home and is a hardcore gamer.

The script tries to involve good parallel connection with real life and the virtual world which gives a forced feel which leads to a feeling of being deceived. The movie is set inside a house and loses focus regularly which looks lagging even though the run time is small. Events leading to the climax is very much repetitive like the usual movies and nothing fresh is being included.

The character of Tapsee Pannu has been brilliant with the performance and she has been well essaying the fearful acts in earlier movies too. Game over is a multilingual movie and has its dubbed version to Hindi is available in theaters.


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