Flat Mates web series from Primeshots

Flat Mates is an Indian drama web series from Primeshots. The Hindi language web series will release during August 2020. It is available Primeshots website and official app to watch online. The web series belongs to the drama genre.

Flat Mates Web Series Story (Primeshots)

The plot revolves around the life of a girl who enters a new city. She urgently needs to find a place to stay. But due to the conditions, she has to stay with her friend for few days till she gets a permanent stay. As things seemed happy, a shocking event happens changing her life forever.

Flat Mates web series cast includes Sumi in the lead. The major stars have given their best performances and look brilliant on screen. The makers have promised of the highly dramatic web series to surprise the audience.

Major bold actresses and actors across India were auditioned to be part of the Web Series. The cast was selected through strict auditions and track record of past acting projects. The web series has emotional scenes and thriller scenes which needs expert actress and actors to perform.

With free flow of story-telling and amazing cinematography, the series gives great visual impact to the audience. The Primeshots content creators are coming up with multiple web series and short movies in 2020 and to ensure they entertain the crowd.

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Flat Mates web series cast (Primeshots)

  • Rajveer
  • Sumi

Flat Mates Primeshots Release Date:

August 2020

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