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Femina George: Actress | Age, Bio, Family, Height, Images and More

Actress Femina George

Femina George, a beacon of promise in the Malayalam film industry, dazzles as one of its brightest rising stars. Her cinematic voyage began with her debut in the Malayalam movie “Minnal Murali,” captivating audiences in 2021.

Early Stardom and Achievements

In a remarkably short time span since 2021, Femina George has etched her mark by gracing the screens in 3 distinct movies. Her uncanny ability to select compelling roles garnered her recognition from her very first film. Notably, her portrayal of the character Bruce Lee Biji garnered substantial attention, paving the way for her remarkable journey. Her debut film “Minnal Murali,” alongside acclaimed star Tovino Thomas, achieved resounding success, with anticipation building for its sequel.

Actress Femina George

Personal Life and Essence

Femina George, born on 26th October 1997 in Saudi Arabia, brings a captivating presence with her distinctive black eyes and hair. Standing at 164 centimeters and weighing 50 kilograms, she exudes elegance. Despite her early successes, she remains unmarried and boasts an impressive Instagram following of 182K. Her captivating talent for acting is poised to ignite the screens, keeping audiences eager for more.

Anticipating a Shining Future

Femina George’s journey in the Malayalam film industry is laden with promise and potential. Her enigmatic charm, coupled with her acting prowess, positions her as a beloved rising star whose journey fans eagerly follow.

Actress Femina George


Femina George’s journey as a burgeoning talent in the Malayalam film industry is marked by impressive achievements and early stardom. From her impactful debut in “Minnal Murali” to gaining attention with her character portrayals, her star is on a steady ascent. Stay updated with Femina’s journey on our website and join us in celebrating the success of this remarkable star.

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