Director Bharat Kama amazes with his brilliant storytelling, where the underlying message is also delivered. Dear Comrade has drama, action and intense love and points that ‘No person should leave their dreams and passion for love’. Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna are essaying the roles of Bobby and Lilly respectively and spread charm on screen.

Bobby and his group call each other Comrade, a person who stays together through all the hardships. Bobby is really impulsive and fumes up when he finds something not right. Lilly is fond of him but gets unimpressed as Bobby turns on violent mood every time and an instance in a cricket field turns things worse.

Dear Comrade is totally multi-dimensional and may seem to be predictable but turns on a totally different scenario in the end. The movie takes regular turns and twists apart from the love and angry young man behaviour. Some stellar background music and terrific cinematography add to the total charm of the movie.

The movie even being impressive falls down at places due to the flaws in the screenplay and multiple sub-stories peeps into it. The biggest plus of the movie is the lead characters of Rashmika and Vijay Devarakonda with which they both impress us. Climax actually falls apart a bit, but yes its a film which keeps you guessing.

The angry young man falls for the state cricket player and the ups and downs in their relationship becomes the crux of the story. Dear Comrade will make you fall in love with the characters. Dear Comrade also persues to actually fight for what you love and raise voice against wrong deeds. That gives additional points to the movie, which actually become intense and turns thought-worthy. The movie will surely stay in your mind for some days and its bit of a task to move over the intense love-oriented story.


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