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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote: Week 4 Nomination Live Voting results as of 29 September 2020


The housemates are trying to get the interest of the audience to stay safe. With the Week 4 nominations yet again major housemates are nominated. The audience were shocked after the latest housemate Swathi Deekshith too was nominated. 7 housemates have been nominated in the Week 4. The contestants can be saved only through Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Results as of 29 September 2020?

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote Week 4 Nomination Live Voting results as of 29 September 2020

Whenever Abijeet was in the nominations, he used to get almost 1/3rd of the votes. Anyone apart from Gangavva is not a clear threat considering the past voting trends. Saikumar has generated the support of the audience as he is seen fighting all alone. Almost everyone in the house has a friendship circle who can support.

In the Sunday episode, Devi was eliminated due to lack of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote. Each episode and performance of the housemates can influence the voting strength. A small mistake which may affect the audience will be seen as the change in vote percentage.

Swathi Deekshith is currently at the bottom of the votes table. The audience is convinced that it’s too early to get her nominated. Let us see if she can impress the audience and stay safe inside the Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Mehaboob was already in the danger zones in the past two weeks. if Swathi can impress the audience she can surely climb up the voting table. The social media fans were furious as Devi was eliminated and instead claimed that Mehaboob deserves to be evicted.

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