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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Monal shares about her connection with Akhil


Its the first weekend of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. With the first few days, everyone was fresh and trying to get to know each other. Everyone is active in the tasks but is now getting personally connected too. This season is also known as the ‘Season of connection’.

Monal was seen a bit close to Sujatha who is helping her in Telugu. Many of the housemates were seen making fun of her as she speaks mixed Hindi, English and Telugu. Abijeet and Surya Kiran have been at the forefront of making fun of her.

Monal Gajjar about Akhil Sarthak

Monal Gajjar opened up to Sujatha about her connection in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4. She said “I got connected on the day Akhil was in tears.No guy can fake so much of pain and tears. So I felt to be the best connection for him”.

Later she was seen going to meet and talk to Akhil Sarthak. While Abijeet was gossiping about Monal, Akhil stood by her and said she is so much of positive vibes. Slowly as the season is stepping into the new week, these connections will be needed to help.

Monal Gajjar about Akhil Sarthak

Currently, Akhil Sarthak is also in the rest of four contestants nominated. Three contestants were saved and Mehaboob, Akhil, Divi and Surya Kiran are left. The elimination completely depends upon Bigg Boss Telugu 4 vote.

Nagarjuna will declare who the eliminated person is. Fans are also awaiting the wildcard entry of new contestants.

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