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Bharat Review: Entertaining but tiresome to some extent

Bharat is the official construction of ‘Ode to my Father’ set in the personal and professional life which describes the journey of decades throughout. Bharat is one among such kids who were separated from the family during Indo-Pak partition and the journey which sets himself up to keep the promises done to his father.

He takes the challenge of looking after his mother and siblings whereas his sister and father is in other county and dreams of uniting in the future. From Independence, the movie revolves around almost 6 decades and how life changed during that period along with the nation evolvement.

bharat hindi movie review

The love story between Bharat (Salman) and Kumud (Katrina Kaif) seems so amazing and lovely with the sequences of Salman Khan proposing her seems very natural. Sunil Grover’s character as Vilayati, Bharat’s best friend is the perfect character we could see in Ali Abbas Zafar. Sonali Kulkarni and Jackie Shroff make their character utmostly perfect which is backed by the script.

Salman Khan essays the role to perfection as there are some real-life events which connect his real life to the story and that makes Bharat more in sync. The director plays a great role in scripting a balanced and emotionally attractive movie and conveys it in a slow and steady pace. Bharat has few things which seem to be a missed shot and songs at unwanted spots makes it bit more unacceptable.

bharat hindi movie review

There have always been intentions in movies to emotionally connect and inspire people, but Bharat has gone more miles which is a bit overburdening. A careful edit session which could rule out a few of these unacceptable scenes could have been brilliant.  

Bharat is a well crated and intends to convey a message and tries a bit more to involve with emotions but stays well far from being a ‘complex’ Commercial movie. To stay away from the commercial ingredients, the film relies more upon feelings and that actually pushes the movie behind.


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