abrahaminte santhathikal

Abrahaminte Santhathikal is one of the best investigative thrillers of Mollywood. { Rating: 3.75/5}

Abrahaminte Santhathikal is the story of two brothers of similar character. Derik Abraham (Mamooty) successfully completes even the toughest investigations and stays to be the best officer in Kerala Police but his brother Philip Abraham ( Anson Paul) gets arrested for a murder.

How he handles the new case takes the film forward. Film is a gripping investigative thriller, and is quite different from police movies of the recent times.When it comes to duty, nothing comes in the way:  be it relationships or sentiments.

After three years and we see another Derick – a drunkard who has lost all hope in life, shattered by the fact that his brother Philip (Anson Paul) refuses to meet him in the prison, saying he is no one to him. What went behind the arrest of Philip and why he hates his elder brother makes the movie.

Mamooty looks handsome and heroic as well, as an action hero. Anson Paul too has presented a fantastic performance and shows us that one more promising actor is in the making.

With an apt background score by Gopi Sunder, Haneef Adeni’s suberb script has been made made into a fabulous film by Director Shaji Padoor. The stunt sequences, especially the car chasing sequences are of top class.

As a whole, Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a suspense-investigative thriller which has a running time of close to 132 minutes.



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